Al Qaeda: Muslim Friend or Foe

Apparently, it was foretold from the time of the rise of Islam, that in future there would be a Muslim group active among the Muslims following more rigidly the religious traditions of Namaz and Roza (Fast).

That group will try its best to prove itself the true follower of Islam and would succeed to a great extent in leaving its impression on the people. But in reality the group appearing to be of the Muslims would be the greatest enemy of the Muslims and would cause a great insult to the Muslims and Islam.

If we look at the organizations running in the name of Al-Qaeda or the Taliban, we see the antihuman activities of these terrorist organizations of small and medium size. It is easy to believe that these are the groups about whom there was a forecast about 1400 years ago. Their movements, hatred-spreading activities, their wicked deeds of drawing lines of enmity and their taking part and involvement in violent activities show they have done more harm than good in the Islamic history over one and half thousand years.

They call themselves the well wishers of Islam. Hardly one decade ago when the world did not know about al-Qaeda and Bin Laden, the Muslim world used to enjoy a happy life with sound sleep. With the alliance of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, a giant problem appeared before the Muslim world. When the Taliban were ruling over Afghanistan, they were so much intoxicated with power that these religionists increased their cruelties.

It seemed that the ongoing process of cruelty will go on to cover at least half the world. These so-called Islamic thoughts forwarded its step even to Pakistan and it strengthened its clutches over Pakistan too. Today this Taliban interference in Pakistan is proving a permanent pinch and it has also aroused bitterness in relations between Pakistan and America.

Al Qaeda chief

US president elect Barack Obama made it clear to Pakistan that Pakistan should not feel danger from India but from the inner terrorist powers. Obama is clearly hinting towards the self-styled Islamic powers that are responsible for the harm done to Islam, Muslims and humanity. There is no surprise that the clear vision of Obama may have forced the Al- Qaeda leader Ayman-Al-Zawahiri to spit out poison once again.

It has been clearly said in a fresh statement from the white house that there is no clear information about the secret hiding places of Osama Bin Laden and Al-Zawahiri. But their dress, language and the tribal help that they are getting shows they have been hiding near the border of Pakistan-Afghanistan. The strong challenge that the Pak army and NATO army led by America is facing in Afghanistan reveals that there is a devil’s mind behind the conspiracies and zeal of the rebels. Probably Obama’s advice to Pakistan may be there by keeping all these in mind.

After Barack Hussein Obama’s election as the president of America, the peace loving people of the world and the public of America felt a sign of relief. The world is of the opinion that the aggressive American attitude adopted for the last eight years by President George Bush will meet its end. It is considered that Obama will give preference of discussing the problem for solution instead of finding a way by force. But there is no doubt that Obama’s decisions will be based on American priorities.

Undoubtedly so much is expected from the rulers of all countries. But the leadership in the hands of a controversial man like Obama whose religion, colour and origin is at times being doubted, really proves that the Americans have given a constructive message of peace, harmony, fraternity and equality to the people of the world. The people of this most powerful country deserve applause. This is a golden event in the history of the world and the people of the world will never forget it.

On one side, the world is keenly desirous of watching the policies of America under the leadership of Obama, whereas at the same time Al-Qaeda number two, Ayman Al Zawahiri, who originates from Egypt, insulted Obama in a hateful way instead of praising him. Most recently, after a long interval, an audio message of eleven minutes by Zawahiri was telecast. In this message Zawahiri repeated in the same old hateful way and said the Muslims of the world should harm the ‘guilty America’.

At the same time he accused Obama for cheating his identity. Zawahiri called Obama a man who has joined the enemies of Islam. The terrorist leader tried to dash the hopes of the world by declaring that even after the election of Obama, the policies of America towards Muslims will not change.

Obviously Zawahiri must have received a blow by Obama’s statement that said that his priority would be to finish Al-Qaeda forever. Obama had also said the death of Osama Bin Laden is necessary for the safety and security of America. Zawahiri’s new audio message, full of hatred and warning was made with reference to Obama’s statements. Now the question is if the Zawahiri threats will bring a change in the OBama’s policies or will Obama continue without caring about the threats and warnings of terrorist leaders.

Here the point needs to be made that the election of Obama in place of Bush is proof that America wants peace and not war. Now America is tired of the killings and does not want to lose another single soldier. America has now understood that if it wants to live in peace then there should be peaceful atmosphere around.

That is why Barack Hussain Obama is in favour of solving every problem peacefully. He believes that even the greatest problem can be solved through discussion. That Zawahiri spat out poisonous words against Obama even before his taking office, trying to dash the would-be peace efforts is not good and it should be condemned by all.

It should be hoped that Obama will prove himself as a great messenger of peace in the world. He is expected not to hesitate in crushing the self styled custodians of Islam such as Jawahiri, Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden and other foes of peace.

Most of the Muslim world is fed up with these self styled Islamic leaders who are nothing except terrorists. Now the peace loving Muslims of the world have well understood that these people who appear to be Muslims and make calls for Islamic principles are the real foes and affronters of Islam and not friends

Tanveer Jafri
Tanveer Jafri is an award-winning journalist and peace activist, based in India, covering communal harmony and social activities.