A Bailout From Us Small Fish for The Big 3 Fish Who are Drownin

Well I am starting to sound like a broken record here talking about this Auto bail out. The problem is this broken record is breaking records with employment and financial all time lows. It seems to be the only thing folks are talking about. Well, other than the fact that California is being robbed of it’s landscape by fires. Which puts both of these tragedies in the same category; they both need a rescue, the only difference between the two is that one is needy and the other is greedy.

This week I am in California and I was doing a show here yesterday when I met folks who say that it is pretty bad here. But all outward appearances show me a different view. I mean, gas is lower than I have ever seen in California, not as many people are living on the streets, and the weather is still beautiful, if you don’t count the dark cloud of fires and a budget deficit of $28 billion for the state of California.

I also talked to a gentleman who told me that he is seeing ships in docks with lots of cars on them, but no one is unloading them. So it leads me to believe that the auto dealers are acting like the high risk auto buyers they have been railing for many years. You know the folks that pay 25-35% over the already inflated car prices (MSRP) to begin with. Car dealers are now the ones that need the credit and the ego boost. ‘Cause for the longest time (as long as my lifetime) auto buyers have been given the deal that fits their pocket book. Meaning, if you did not have the credit and income you did not get the deal and they treated you like the dirt they drive on. Customer service does not exist for folks without money and credit, unless you consider showing us the door a service for the customer.

Folks are starting to say that they won’t be needing an auto for Xmas or anytime soon. At least until we can afford to pay for gas in the ones we are driving in. As bad as this melt down may be for our country, us Americans are used to taking lemons and making it into lemonade. Give us a chance and we will make it into an annual fund raising concert. Maybe auto dealers should consider that type of fund raiser, LEMON-AID a benefit to help American auto manufacturers. Which is not possible because who would show up? Or they could just have a car wash where all the dealer owners get out in their jeans and t-shirts and wash our cars for a donation. I just don’t think Americans would give a hand or a damn to help these shysters. After all, It won’t change the way they do business. We give them a hand and they will want an arm and leg as well, oh and maybe a shirt ta boot!

I find it ironic that auto dealers and manufacturers are now in the same boat or broken down auto as the poorest Americans trying to get a car out of necessity. Only thing is you auto boys have made an industry out of mistreating folks in need.

I worked with an auto dealer and if I was sitting at the gate with St Peter I would not mention that I worked with auto dealer or manufacturer in fear that St Peter would give me a thumbs up sign and say “Take a hike”.

I have been in the showroom many times when the bosses would see one of us high risk folks come in to buy a car and they would whisper under their breath “ROACH”. That is the term used for buyers that can’t get a loan because of bad credit. But, if they did get you a loan they would sell it to you with terms that were so bad that even if you did some day own the car, you would be paying 3 times as much as it is worth.

My only suggestion to solve this, because we will need to solve this and help bail them out, is to make sure the deal we give them is the same deal they have been giving us on the cars they have been selling us, A NO WIN WIN, more like WE WIN DEAL and they get the big debt and bad self esteem. The deal they get: High interest, short payback time and most important CLEAR the big boys out at the top that run the companies. They drove it into the ground, now change drivers, ’cause I don’t want my money shuttled around by the same management team, only to have them take another pit stop in two months for another load of funds.

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