12-Points Agreement- 2005 & UNMIN Entry-Main Cause of Nepalese Crisis

The uprising of 2006 took place with direct Indian support and the fear instilled by the Maoists’ arms. India had given assurance to the leaders of Nepali Congress, UML and Maoist party that if they agreed the 12-point agreement, they would find the leadership of the new government. And Indian intelligence wing ‘RAW’ has played an active role in the uprising, providing the economic and other material support. In accordance to the 12-point understanding UNMIN was invited in Nepal.

The 12-point agreement and the presence of UNMIN became a matter of crisis for Nepal. After coming to Nepal UNMIN started to develop a special relation with the Maoist in name of the peace treaty. Then the chief of UNMIN was Ian Martin-the main irresponsible and destructive man. This cooperation was the result of the policy based conspiracy of India and America.

After the uprising the so called 12-point understanding and the activities of UNMIN became the base of retrogression of this country. They contrived a design to weaken the national army and intentionally joined the hands with the Maoist army. This is the most dangerous subject faced by Nepal. However, the leaders of Nepali Congress, UML and Maoist do not utter a single word despite the nation’s perilous condition. They have already signed treaties under the protection of Indian intelligence agency and have become slavish with their dependency on India, America and the European nations.

United Nations is taken as an unblemished organization of this world. After Ban Ki Moon became the secretary general UN has operated under the American influence. In name of world peace and human rights America is trying to impose its influence over the world by forwarding UN and NATO. America through its intelligence agency ‘CIA’ is trying to incite an ethnic and religious conflict in the world so as to disintegrate sovereign nations. UN could have straightened such controversial policy of America. But with its restraint UN has also become controversial by allowing itself to be trapped in the imperialist network.

America took a special interest in ending the Maoist insurgency because it was not easy and possible to disintegrate China through Free Tibet campaign amidst a civil war in Nepal. Making Nepal as a conspiracy based land; America’s belief is that China can be disintegrated in the name of Free-Tibet. Meanwhile Indian motive is to win the confidence of the Maoist, whom it had been branding as a terrorist Org. Indian leaders and RAW’s interest was to carry out Nepal as a ‘Bhutanization’. It is maintaining its influence through Nepali Congress, UML and Maoists. The motives of Indian and American intelligence-CIA corresponded in playing with Nepal’s existence. So the Delhi’s 12-point agreement-2005 became their strategy.

It was understood, UNMIN came to Nepal for establishing peace after the end of Maoists’ people’s war. But, with the arrival of persons with the likes of Ian Martin and UNMIN’s military Chief Jan Erik Wilhelson (2007) had provided some encouragement. However, a contrary strategy against the desires of the Nepali people to intensify the civil war was devised. For which Maoist was taken into confidence and the morale of the Nepal Army shattered.

UNMIN, CIA and the European nations wanted to see the increase of Christian influence in Nepal, and as there were many Christians inside the Maoist party it was easier for them to gain their objective. Hence, the Maoist leaders seeing a prospect of an ephemeral gain decided to join hands with the UNMIN. Although Nepal’s Maoist boasted of communism, in the end it had to please the American intelligence.

UNMIN chief Ian Martin and UNMIN’s military Chief Jan Erik Wilhelson joined hands with the Maoist while stealthily supporting the incipient rebellion in Tarai and ethnic struggles. The military chief Jan Erik Wilhelson had participated in the function or even become the guest of honors accepting salute from the Maoist rebels at the function organized by the Maoists on the day they attacked the Nepal Army’s barrack, killed so many army men and looted weapons. Is it not a blunder?

UNMIN’s only destination is to feign a friendly term with the Maoist to deceive them. They wanted to instill fear of the Maoist army to take advantage of the situation to disseminate Christianity and promote the policy of Free Tibet. Two armies existed in a nation. The size of the Maoist army which was originally at 5,000-7,000 was increased with the induction of school going children overnight to 32,000.

Girija of Nepali Congress and Madhav Nepal of UML gave their consent to this increase in the number. Afterwards, mainly due to shame of seeing so many school children UNMIN reduced the number to 19,600. UNMIN wanted to turn Nepal into another Vietnam, North and South Korea, Indonesia and Sudan. However, the Nepali people understood the conspiracy and became against UNMIN. Although UNMIN has gone, UN human rights organization is carrying on farmer’s job which the Nepali people do not like. It is not a success to give money to poor people to turn them into Christians. Such an organization should not be in function in Nepal.

Many activities were carried out after UNMIN’s arrival one by one that created troubles for this country. Krishna Prasad Sitaula was appointed Home minister, who was a blue boy of Girija Prasad Koirala, and confidant of the RAW’s. According to the Indian interest, he offered 4 million citizenships to the foreigners carelessly. These leaders of Nepali Congress, UML and Maoist failed to detect Indian intelligence wing ‘RAW’ conspiracy to take Terai region under its grip by influencing some Nepali citizens of Madhesi origin (those who became Nepali after 1958- 1990) which is very unfortunate for Nepal. From the very beginning, Nepalese communal harmony has been remaining intact. But the then minister Rajendra Mahato with the backing of India had said (2006)- ‘If it is so those of the Hilly origin must leave Terai. Madhes must be ruled by a Madhesi.’ Who taught these Nepali people to speak in such a way which may destabilize the harmonious relations existing between Nepali people and bring about an ethnic war like that witnessed by Sri Lanka?

From the day the issues of federal and ethnic autonomy were broached the Nepalese situation has deteriorated. UNMIN also provided arms to some elements in Terai which came to light after the bomb blast in Nepalgunj (middle-west Nepal). The political parties have been bounded within the definition of indecisiveness. These parties, UNMIN chief Ian Martin, military attache Jan Erik Wilhelson and other representatives who have supported ethnic autonomy have indulged in suspicious behavior, due to which it becomes clear that they had played a supportive role to disintegrate Nepal. Can’t we conjecture that UN representatives had arrived to escalate a civil war than establish peace?

It must be remembered that after the design of America, UN and NATO and after the death of Yugoslavian President Joseph Tito, his country plunged into a civil war, and within two decades broke down into pieces. Then UN played a role of destroyer rather than a constructor. UN never played a positive role in the fight of Palestinian people for their right of autonomy. It fueled the pain suffered by people trapped in the civil war of Lebanon. UN never addressed the issues of the inhumane and merciless eviction of Nepali speaking Bhutanese citizens from Bhutan under Indian conspiracy.

UN never showed its concern in containing the fire sparked by America in Iraq. UN played an active role when Sudan was divided into two nations in 2011.

America is maintaining its influence by pushing the African and Arabic nations into civil war. How can one look positively towards UN and its representatives sent to establish peace in such a situation? UN representatives were irresponsible and indulged in frivolous activities by earning a lot of money. They were not only dangerous in terms of monetary aspect but in characteristic side as well. My memory of 1957 flashes before me; I had worked as a consultant at Staff College. During an investigation in Nuwakot there was a sex scandal involving a woman UN worker of an Indian team. I have seen the capability of such employees from close range and I know that their reports are counterproductive and wrong.

America cannot tolerate communist nations. After Soviet Russia was disintegrated into 15 pieces the efforts of America and the European nations are directed towards China’s disintegration. In 1972 the then American Secretary of State Kissinger then President Nixon had visited China. After their visit they had tried to end the enemy-attitude towards China. However, China understood American conspiracy well.

As a result China increased its relation in the world through the medium of communism as the situation had demanded. China was delivered from its historical mode to rise in the lists of prosperous nations. Now China has entered in America with basic goods and equipments. China now holds 80 percent of the business market in America. American industries are closing down, and it has created unnecessary problems. America is a powerful nation for the world with its terror of weapons but inside it has become hollow. American high handedness is ever increasing in the world.

In the context of Nepal, the Constituent Assembly (CA), at the interest of India and America, became a dangerous agenda after the 12-point understanding with a goal of ending Nepal’s existence. The cause of current immense problem is the CA. The design of the conspiracy is to drown Nepal, like Sikkim was destroyed by the Legislative Assembly. But this CA will never draft a constitution. The majority Members of CA are traitors who have no vision to deliver the new constitution. If the constitution is drafted it would be tantamount to the drowning of Nepal. Nepal will not remain secure from the scrutinizing eyes of the foreigners and the traitors bought by them. The CA Members can’t deliver the new constitution. We must possess the power to evict the conspiratorial foreigners from Nepal.

Nepal is like a vehicle of which wheel has fallen in a ditch. These traitors do not have the capability to pull this vehicle out of the ditch. The 1990 Constitution was not abolished in an appropriate constitutional manner. If Nepal is to be rescued from such a ditch like the vehicle’s gear should be put into reverse to extricate its wheel, the 1990 Constitution should be reinstated to provide a momentum for the nation. This is the point of solution. It is the responsibility of all Nepalese people to save the nation.

We must remain alert from foreign conspiracy and suicidal activities of despicable leaders. It is high time we sacrifice in name of country by joining shoulder to shoulder with the national army, security organs and patriotic Nepali people with the King.

Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former Member of Parliament in Nepal, a political analyst who writes from Kathmandu.