Yank Hank – Fire FAA COO ‘Hank’ Krakowski

Subject: FIRE FAA Chief Operating Officer Henry P. (“Hank”) Krakowski

To: Honorable Members Of The United States Congress, And Other Friends

From: Quiet Rockland – No New Flights Over Rockland County, New York

Date: Friday, February 13, 2009

Dear Honorable Senators, Congresspersons, Mr. Obama, Mr. LaHood, and all other Quiet Rockland Friends:

We ask that you terminate the employ of “Hank” Krakowski, FAA Chief Operating Officer (COO). We ask that you reject Hank Krakowski from any possible consideration as FAA Administrator. In a former post Hank Krakowski was a United Airlines “executive” responsible for leaving cockpits unlocked, unreinforced, and unprepared on two flights on 9/11/2001.

Two of the four planes overtaken by terrorists were United Airlines aircraft in Hank Krakowski’s jurisdiction and charge during the morning of the attacks. One destroyed a WTC tower. The other crashed near Shanksville, PA. Hank Krakowski helped cause these events with his own inattention and ineptitude. He should be barred in perpetuity from performing any safety-related function in the United States aviation system. Like a true aero-publicist instead, Hank Krakowski’s own response to the 9/11 tragedy was to convert it into a media opportunity, playing “Himself” in a made-for-TV movie about the disaster called “Grounded on 9/11″(2005). Hank should be “Grounded.” For good. Today.

Nicknaming himself “The Edgeman,” Hank Krakowski’s flights with a weekend stunt-team got fellow pilot Keith J. Evans killed in 1999. FAA’s Hank Krakowski flew stunt-shows while a weekday UAL commercial pilot:


After getting himself and his company employer named in the above-cited litigation, Hank soon thereafter “took” a desk job at UAL, which explains the awful events of two years thereafter. Krakowski played stunts with his own life and those of his fellow pilots. Now he continues to play stunts with ours.

Hank Krakowski was planted at FAA as COO in 2007 by failed Acting Administrator Marion Blakey, while Blakey was in the process of ejecting from her job. Hank is one of the principal architectural malefactors of the abysmal “Bobby” Sturgell FAA regime. Krakowski is one of the last vestiges of it, left. Hank Krakowski continues to unlawfully act in a manner inimical to the interests of Air Traffic Controllers, NATCA, and overflown communities. Krakowski continues to gut the morale of FAA’s labor force.

Hank Krakowski has for years systemically undermined aviation safety and the American aviation system generally – disingenuously covering-up for cracked airplanes while at both United and FAA, opportunistically facilitating falsified certifications at United, clumsily fostering runway incursions and fatal collisions, and all the while continuing to pander for a hazardous campaign of off-shore maintenance and inspection outsourcing for the sake of the almighty buck alone.

FAA’s Hank Krakowski is dishonest and regularly lies – to communities like mine, to the press, and to his own people. Krakowski is incompetent, as demonstrated by his mishandling of the crash of FAA’s “NADIN” computer network, and his recidivist self-admissions of failure otherwise. In a bit over one year of “service,” Hank Krakowski has indeed said some of the dumbest things that any federal aviation official has said. Krakowski is the foremost misuser of the harmful “revolving door” between FAA and the airlines which undermines the “Culture of Safety” standard championed by Congressman Oberstar. We ask that you “revolve” Hank Krakowski out of FAA for good.



The President, The USDOT Secretary, The GAO, Federal Officials, State Officials, County Officials, Town Officials, Lawyers, Citizens, Businesses, Groups, U.S. News Media, Law Enforcement, Clergy, Education Professionals, Other Interested Parties; Other U.S.-Friendly Countries Of The World, Embassies, World Media, FAA, USDOT, I.G., NASA Personnel; and All Those Concerned About Aviation Safety And Defeating FAA’s Harmful “NY/NJ/PHL Airspace Redesign”