UFO’s are Real? What about Project Blue Book?

Letter to the Editor

Last year, as Lieut. Walter Haut who was a PR officer at Roswell Military Base in New Mexico, passed away, the letter he left to be opened after his death, was opened.

In this letter, Lieut. Haut claimed that 60 years ago, Capt. William Blanchard in the same Military base, took him to the hangar no.84 where he saw the 5m long and 2 m wide egg shaped UFO which had crushed near the military base. In the hangar also were two extra terrestrial beings, 120 cm long with big heads. Lieut.

Haut also observed that the material the UFO was made of, was paper-thin but extremely strong. He further explained in his letter that, US could develop the night-binoculars, laser, integrated chips and spy planes and Kevlan (a bullet proof material) after the crush of this UFO with the help of knowledge derived from it.

Some years ago BBC also made public a film, taken with an amateur camera on the spot, which revealed the same and also how the surgeons operated on the extra terrestrial beings.

US has kept this information secret for all these years, but both the film shown by BBC some years ago and the Lieutenant William Haut’s letter opened last year after his death revealed it.

Writer X

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