The Existence of UFOs

UFO Hunters Need to Exist to Make The Public Aware

I just read the above-mentioned article. I’d like to respond to the author of this letter.

First of all, Marc, you make a non-sequitor with the line “It takes 100,000 light years just to cross our own galaxy alone and you are going to say that UFO’s aren’t real?” I’m sorry, I don’t see how A and B correlate. As a matter of fact, the distances involved in interstellar travel is one of the arguments against the existence of UFO’s.

You then go on to be inconsistent. You imply that these civilizations are away more advanced than we are, but then you liken it to what we do to new species we find. One would think that if Civ X has figured out how to cross vast distances in short amounts of time, then they also would have figured out how to study other beings without having to capture one. Look at our own medical diagnostic advances in the past century. From X-rays, to CAT scans, FMRI’s. We can do these things now without having to dissect a person to find out what’s happening in their brain. If we were 2,000,000 more advanced, we could probably do it from a very great distance-like orbit.

You then go on to the “shotgun” fallacy. “Well, there are so many, some of them HAVE to be right!” That’s what this argument boils down to. The same argument can be made for a plethora of different claims-all of which we have no evidence for, such as ghosts, gods, and Bigfoot.

You end everything up with a false assumption. You make the assumption that if there are no alien spaceships visiting us, then there is no life on other planets. This is inherently false. How can I say this with certainty? We are life on a planet, and we have only been to one other planet. Supposing, for the sake of argument, that there is life on Saturn’s moon Titan, and it’s somewhat evolved. If they looked out, and said, “If we are not being visited by beings from other planets, then there is no life out there” it would be inaccurate.

We can’t get a person to Titan right now, yet we most certainly exist. As a matter of fact, scientists agree that there most likely is life out there on other planets. It may be intelligent, it may not be. It may be more advanced than us. They may not be able to make it to this planet, or, they have swung by, snapped a few pictures, and decided we were too primitive.



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