Response to ‘The Real Truth about Yellowstone ‘Supervolcano’

The letter The Real Truth about Yellowstone “Supervolcano” appears patronizing and hostile.

I also took university level geology classes and consider it a wonderful hobby. The limited information that has been released about the Yellowstone quake swarm (Yellowstone Volcano Observatory scientists are understandably cautious about making statements without studying the data first), and docudramas on TV showing the devastation a major Yellowstone eruption would cause, have a lot of people a little scared.

Government organizations have lost a lot of credibility under the Bush Administration, so many people may not believe that the USGS or YVO is telling the complete truth when they say they don’t think a volcanic eruption is imminent (although I believe them). Also, the US media does a fine job of keeping their audiences and subscribers frightened of anything that moves.

Therefore, I think that hostility should be replaced with a little understanding for people who may not have the same knowedge base that your writer claims to have.

I note that Cindy Rose sounds very sure that the current seismic events at Yellowstone indicate hydrothermal migration, not magma movement. Such a determination should only be made after studying the detailed seismic data that the YVO and U of Utah geologists studied.

Your statement about the “prepostrous” idea of ground swelling in the area of the caldera over the last three years makes no sense. Refer to the YVO information release of January 6: “It is worth noting that in 2004 the Yellowstone caldera began a period of accelerated uplift measured by GPS instruments that was as large as 7cm/yr, three times as fast as recorded in recorded history, but now has reduced to about a maximun rate of 4cm/yr. Scientists have modeled this deformation as due to magmatic recharge of the Yellowstone magma chamber at a depth of (approx) 10km (6 miles). The area of the swarm is on the eastern side of the uplift area.” After reading this, it is clear where people are getting the preposterous idea of ground swelling over a recent three year period.

Since you are pining for the destruction of our civilization, maybe you’d be better off separating yourself from it and hiding in the woods somewhere for the rest of your life. Just don’t take your anger out on the innocent forest creatures.

C L Snyder