Obama Was Against Iraq War & Troop Surge Yet Orders Huge Surges in Afghanistan

Dear NewsBlaze Editor:

Obama’s foreign policy actions have shown yet another two-faced side of him. He campaign vehemently against the Iraq War and troop surge then did the very same thing himself in Afghanistan.

We saw rally after rally where he roared against the “deadly war” and tore into the idea of a troop surge. Now he has already ordered an initial troop surge in the Afghanistan War quagmire, brings the troop totals to 68,000 and is now hinted that yet another surge may be needed. Will this be come Barack Obama’s Vietnam?

As of August 10, there have been 1,231 coalition deaths in Iraq with the vast majority being American soldiers. July alone saw the most action since any point in the war. When you add the facts that Iran is developing nuclear capability and Israel is fast loosing trust for Obama and you have a potential powder keg of apocalyptic proportions.

Meanwhile of course, the mainstream media remains almost mute as do the Democrats and the suddenly invisible anti-war protesters. With Mr. Obama’s three separate near trillion tax dollar boondoggles jamming the airwaves he can conveniently hide from the mess that has now become his war. This won’t last for very long and when that does the question will be, which Barack Obama will show up? Stay tuned.

Kenneth Hodges

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