Obama golfs while Rome burns

Dear NewsBlaze Editors,

I am actually sickened by the cavalier actions our so called Commander in Chief has been blatantly exhibiting lately, especially in the light of a Worldwide and National tempest brewing away.

Our “Commander in Chief” Barack Obama took maybe five minutes to quickly address the shameful and bloody murder of an innocent American reporter. Then … he dashed off to play a full round of golf at a posh Martha’s Vineyard Resort golf club. No need to ask who is paying for that, we the taxpayers are footing his travel and pleasure bills as always.

Does he forget that there is a growing new threat of terrorism targeting innocent men, women and children both at home and abroad. There is the dropping of the ball on the Ferguson, Missouri debacle, the growingly disturbing Russian military build up in the Ukraine, Syria, ISIS, and meanwhile, Israel left to fend off Hamas virtually alone.

What happened to the American leadership that has stood firm for over 200 years, stood firm and resolute in the face of terror and instability, that help friends in need overseas and could be counted on when the World starts going off axis?

We need real leadership not naps in the Sun.

The answer is an old story, “Nero fiddled while Rome burned.” Or to paraphrase “Obama golfed while the World churned.”

Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. We don’t need another Neville Chamberlain but sadly it appears we have one.

Kenneth Hodges


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