Letter and Comment About ‘Nepalese Festival Dashain’

I am the regular reader of News Blaze. I have already read the three articles by Mr. Prasai. Now I read the fine article ‘Nepalese Festival Dashain’.

This article was written with historical facts which should help misguided people follow their own culture and tradition. Dashai is an established traditional culture followed by different castes, ethnic groups and Nepalese following different faiths.

Dear editor, but, we Nepalis are very sad that currently, fiends are ruling Nepal. The monsters are playing with the identity of Nepal under the guise of wolves and the Indian direction. Patriotic people are pondering how to save the nation and chase the monsters.

The disintegrating agendas of republic, secularism and federalism will disintegrate the nation. Nepal has been orphaned without the monarch. The Dashain celebrated in absence of the monarch is like a nation without identity. This is our matter of grief. You can convey my demand to re-established the monarchy in Nepal to save our country.

I am thankful to News Blaze for publishing these types of analytical research-based articles and hope for more.

Thank you

Chandra Raj Gurung

Pokhara, Nepal

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