I Only Wish I Had a Teacher Like Mr. Warwak

I only WISH I had a teacher like Mr. Warwak when I was in school. What a tragedy that in my sheltered, self-indulgent life, it took until I was 46 to learn about the hideous, unfathomably violent, cruel treatment of sentient animals we call “food.”

This so called “food,” according to many ethical medical researchers, IS responsible for filling our hospitals and poisoning the environment. I would also argue that our reduction of animals to products, commodities, fills our prisons as well. For humans to be able to sink their teeth into animal parts, ignoring and denying the incalculable suffering they endure (www.petatv.com, www.hfa.org, www.upc-online.org) requires total desensitization and a desire for self gratification above all else. This attitude manifests the very social order, dis-order, plaguing us today. David Warwak should be placed as the head of the United Sates Department of Education, and write an ENTIRELY new curriculum for our nation, that includes humane education (www.humaneeducation.org) for grades kindergarten through sixth.

Imagine what our society would be like if children were nurtured to have respect, reverence, compassion, and mercy for all living beings? It’s tragic this man is being put through the ringer for doing what should have been done ALL along, teaching kindness, good health, and the essence of art, the beauty in the natural world our current system is destroying.

My prayers and hopes are with you sir. Sadly, you are a victim of a system where bad is good, perverse is acceptable, and children are brought into a world that has caved to the idol of money.

Laura Beth Aaron

Bartlett, NH

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