Closing of Frontier Mine in DR Congo is a Good Thing

Dear Editor,

In reference to the press release “First Quantum Minerals Announces the Suspension of Operations at Its Frontier Mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo; Conference Call on Monday August 30, 2010”

At long last the Frontier mine has been closed. Good move. First Quantum had done very little for the impoverished people of Katanga Province, yet, they boast of being the largest tax payer in DR Congo.

1. The mine was filled with expatriate labour while well trained Congolese were languishing without a job.

2. The workers housing was appalling with outside toilets and barely enough headroom. while expat homes were palatial.

3. Residents of Sakania were not allowed to use the mine’s hospital.

4. Expat workers earned 6-10 times nore than their Congolese counterparts doing identical jobs.

5. First Quantum made their $326m investment back after 6 months of operation!

6. Philip Pascall wined and dined President Kabila… to no avail.

7. First Quantum sponsored the Congolese football team.

8. Copper concentrate was sold at knocked down price to a First Quantum owned marketing company, possibly to avoid paying taxes.

Please let the readers know.

Kind regards

B. Simbuleta Meng (Mining), ARSM

Here are recent pictures of the processing plant

frontier concentrate