Boorish Biden In VP Debate

Dear Editor,

I refer to Joe Biden’s crazy debate performance, a short commentary on the Biden-Ryan debate.

Does sneering, snickering and giggling make someone appear vice presidential?

Whoever coached Vice President Biden gave him questionable advice.

Was the strategy to intimidate Congressman Ryan? If so, it didn’t appear to work, Congressman Ryan did not crumble.

Was Vice President Biden not aware that the audience could view both of them at the same time? Did he think that rude and boorish behavior would not be noticed? It all seems very strange, and you would think that Biden has quite enough experience to know this. He probably also has advisors, who could tell him these things, but maybe he doesn’t listen to them?

Were any swing voters swayed toward the Obama/Biden ticket?

Keith C. De Filippis,

San Jose, CA

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