Is Joe Biden True to America?

Joe Biden talked about it and gave indications it will happen if this President is elected again. They want to take the money from the rich and redistribute it across the line to everyone.

A “level playing field” he said. It certainly will be level, because no one will be playing or working. Okay now what makes Joe so smart that he just laughed very time money came up in the debate? He knows what Obama wants.

Now how will this affect the normal guy on the street? Well are they looking forward to a raise? It will never happen because the government will be a socialistic government run by socialists. Socialistic governments are two tier systems.

laughing joe biden
Joe Biden laughs every time taxes are mentioned

Those in power and high on the ladder of the socialistic chain will have money and the rest of us meaning the idiots who voted for this guy and put him into office are working for the government. The rich he wants to rob will take their money and run.

Will “The Rich” Stand By And Watch?

Think any rich man who loves his wealth will stand by and watch Obama take it away? No they will take it and run. Lots of them are now buying gold and silver, billions of dollars have been spent buying gold and silver and oil futures, it started the very day this guy was elected president.

When they hide their wealth and ship out as it were, what will Obama do for money? Tax the middle class three times more than he does now. Unemployment will be 20% to 30% and food will cost more, think gas is high now, electric bills will soar think it’s tough now, wait, the price of everything will reach critical levels and Biden and Obama will still be laughing.

Obama-Biden Culture Of Blame

We have lost face in the world. Israel is not sure what side this government is standing on. We seem to be drawn toward the Muslims more than Christians or Jews. Four Americans lost their lives and Obama has done nothing but blame someone else. Biden even blamed Mitt Romney.

I really hope the truth comes out about this man before it is too late. He is not true to America nor is he the man we need in the office of President of these United States of America. Biden’s rude behavior certainly showed the nature of this President’s term in office. Not my fault it is always someone else.

He is cut from the loins of a Muslim and worshiped with Rev. Wright for 20 years and held hands with Farrakhan platform, these two men alone should disqualify him from office. Reverend Wright is in the headlights of the CIA and FBI along with Farrakhan. We need to be very serious about this election because it can be the end of this nations’ freedoms.

See the “Laughing Joe” Biden-Ryan Debate:

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.