Teleprompter Biden Tells Whitehouse Lies, Hurts Democrat Voters

This week, Teleprompter Biden was telling Whitehouse lies, and even democrat voters were wondering which alternate reality he was talking about.

Democrat voters have stuck by Joe Biden, no matter how many alternate facts he has used, because they figured he was attacking their enemies – Donald Trump and republicans.

Teleprompter Biden In Action

But with his latest diatribe, Joe Biden made ordinary democrats realize that Joe really doesn’t know what he’s doing. The teleprompter told him what to say, and he said it. But democrat viewers realized he doesn’t know his crazy policies are negatively affecting them!

teleprompter biden tells whitehouse lies. NewsBlaze Cartoon
Teleprompter Biden tells Whitehouse lies. NewsBlaze Cartoon

Nobody can seriously think that savings have increased since Joe Biden was sworn in, of that debts have been reduced. The National Debt rocketed over the moon and the elites just kept printing money, without a care in the world!

And as for Americans feeling comfortable, real Americans want to know which planet the White House is located on, because the people are not feeling any comfort.

Donald Trump may have spewed out mean tweets, but his policies had at least lowered unemployment, increased wages and increased savings. With just a few strokes of his pen, Biden undid all of that, and more.

Gorka Question

Sebastian Gorka had a question for Biden voters.

Tell me, if you:

– Use gasoline,

– Have/Had children who fed on formula

– Have savings diminished by inflation

– Believe we need Police

– Are angry about Afghanistan

– Believe Justice should be blind

Will you be voting Democrat in November?

Democrat Responses

Democrat voters on twitter didn’t hold back. They are starting to realize that the politicians are all compromised and working for something other than the people.

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