Senator Graham Lays Out Inspector General Report, CNN & MSNBC Ignore It

The much-vaunted Inspector General report from Michael Horowitz is out. Senator Lindsay Graham, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee read it and presented it in his opening statement as IG Horowitz sat there.

Graham laid out the truth, pointing out that there was malfeasance at the highest levels in the FBI and DOJ. The report clearly shows that, even though the IG did not say so.

After pushing the impeachment Schiff show non-stop for the past few months, neither CNN nor MSNBC covered the chairman’s remarks. It isn’t really surprising, because neither CNN nor MSNBC are about news these days. They really are solely the propaganda arm of the U.S. Democratic Party.

CNN and MSNBC don’t want to hear truth, see truth or speak any truth. They just want to tell their democrat spin. And it shows in their ratings. CNN can’t even raise much more than half a million viewers for their top-rated show. MSNBC does better, getting close to 2 million viewers, but maybe that means their remaining viewers are more gullible.

Here are some of the falsehoods CNN and MSNBC peddled over the past three years:

“Parts of the infamous dossier on Trump have proven to be true.” – FALSE.

“The dossier has been corroborated.” – FALSE.

Alisyn Camerota: “Your Intel community has corroborated all of the details.” – FALSE

Clapper: “Some of the substantive details of the dossier we corroborated.” – FALSE.

Ted Lieu: “As time goes on, more parts of the dossier get corroborated.” – FALSE.

“When the President refers to it as fake dossier, that is false.” – FALSE.

“It hasn’t been corroborated, but it hasn’t been disproven either.” – FALSE.

Rachel Maddow: “No major thing from the dossier has been disproven.” – FALSE.

“The dossier holds up well, none of it has been disproven.” – FALSE.

“Its a fact, none of it, not one word has been disproven.” – FALSE.

“The FBI would have had to corroborrate it themselves, that’s how they operate.” – FALSE.

CNN and MSNBC presenters pretending to be real journalists failed completely.

Both channels have driven away any fair-minded and middle-of-the-road viewers they had.

Little wonder their ratings are lower than a snake’s gut.

senator graham truth
Senator Lindsay Graham lays out the truth. CNN and MSNBC completely ignore it. Cartoon my NewsBlaze

Horowitz surprised all the people who expected him to tell the story of what happened at the highest levels of the FBI to corrupt the FISA process. He didn’t. In fact, Horowitz did not say some things observers expected, and said some things they did not expect.

Of course, Democrats took the IG report as damning news about President Trump. Republicans, on the other hand, saw damning news against the FBI in their conduct and the way they approached the FISA court.

Durham is expected to have the last word on this, because his main output will not be a report, it will be indictments. This manufactured nightmare is not over yet.

Here is Senator Graham making the opening statement CNN and MSNBC ignored:

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