Olympia Mayor Supported Domestic Terrorists – Until They Turned On Her

Cheryl Selby, mayor of Olympia, Washington state, came out in support of BLM and racial protestors. She supported them until they hit her home with graffiti, and then she called them Domestic Terrorists.

Strange how that works!

When someone else is taking the heat, people don’t care about others. But turn that same heat on them, and they soon change their mind.

This is the big problem of the inability to engage critical thinking.

Selby is very lucky the domestic terrorists only used graffiti on her home, and did not burn it to the ground, as they did with the Wendy’s in Georgia or the homes and businesses in Minnesota, New York and other places.

Cheryl Selby Supports Domestic Terrorists. Cartoon by NewsBlaze
Cheryl Selby Supported Domestic Terrorists – until they hit her home with graffiti. Cartoon by NewsBlaze

Selby appears to have learned an important lesson. You can sympathize and empathize with people, but you cannot prostrate yourself before a faceless entity that demands fealty from you.

Domestic Terrorists Will Use Anyone

Bow down to the mob and they know they have you under their control. Then you become worthless in their eyes, but you also become a useful idiot, to be used as propaganda by them. If you were in a position of power, bestowed on you in a democratic election by your community, you have abandoned your community.

That’s what happened to Cheryl Selby. It is the same thing that has happened to many others. In the video below, Selby kneels to her BLM overlords. They don’t care about her other than for claiming another vassal to serve their purposes.

Bow to the mob and pay the price for the consequences of doing that.

Although Cheryl Selby may have seen the light, only time will tell if she continues to abandon the community that made her mayor.

Think and Vote

Law-abiding Americans – and everyone around the world should take this as a lesson that they must pay attention and take notice of who seeks to represent them. People must vote – it is not only their right, but their responsibility. Every vote counts.

People of America, people of the world must stop allowing the elites and their co-opted foot soldiers to pit them against each other.

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