Joe Biden and The Black Vote

Joe Biden should apologize for abusing the black vote. It was a clever trick by Democrats, promising black voters the world and then ignoring them once they got into power.

Even America’s first black president ignored them, leaving them to rot in jails around the country.

But Joe just needs one more vote from the monolithic black community so he can promise to do what he has not done over the past 50 years he’s been in Congress.

Promise is the key word here, because congressional democrats are very good at promising, but not so good at delivering.

joe biden black vote
Joe Biden and the black vote. Cartoon by NewsBlaze.

Democrats Abusing The Black Vote

Even now, the slogan Black Lives Matter has quickly become Black Trans Lives Matter. It means the self-provlaimed Marxist BLM organization doesn’t even put black people first.

In 2016, Donald Trump asked American blacks “What do you have to lose.” Black Republicans were ready to vote for Trump, but surprisingly to many, especially the media and Democrats, enough other black people gave Trump that chance. The rest is history and Donald Trump has delivered jobs, pay rises, tax cuts, The First Step Act, funding for black colleges and got millions off the dependency of food stamps where democrats like to keep them.

Uncle Joe, however, still does not like black people. He still has the busing scandal around his neck, thanks to Kamala Harris in the recent debates.

Joe says that things will be different this time. Even though he poured disrespect on black people by saying “You Ain’t Black,” if you can’t tell the difference between him and Trump.

Now that democrats are working on mail-in-voting and ballot harvesting, if they beat Trump this time, they will never need to abuse the black community again. That’s because they won’t need them at all. They can hold onto power by abusing the hispanic vote, and opening the borders to flood the country with poor people from south of the border.

Many black Americans are now wise to the tricks of the democrats, and will not be tricked.

So people should be careful of what they wish for this time around.

Alan Gray
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