Hot-Tubs Become the Number One Lockdown Home Improvement

Few people would have guessed at the start of 2020 that most of the world would be placed on a home lockdown for nearly three months. Though the first signs of things returning to normal started to show in June, many people were stuck at home with nothing to do for even longer than that.

The inconvenience of an at-home quarantine was often paired with a government stimulus check or furlough paycheck, giving people some money in their pocket and some time on their hands. Many people used the time to work on many home improvements that they had been trying to finish.

One of the most popular home improvements over the lockdown period, and one that is still steadily growing in popularity, is a hot tub.

It is Easy to Get a Hot Tub at Home

Hot tubs used to be thought of as an add-on to a swimming pool, and not a feature of its own. In the last decade or so, however, people have begun to add a hot tub as a feature to their yard or garden.

The technology has become cheaper and smarter, and easier to install as the years have gone by making DIY hot tubs a more common project for families across the world. Hot tubs can now be placed on deck and grass, as well as concrete or paving, allowing more people than ever to install a hot tub.

Why Did They Become a Popular Lockdown Home Improvement?

The simplest answer to this is that faced with having to spend a lot of time at home, with a little extra money, many people thought they might as well spend that time in the lap of luxury.

There has been a lot of increased interest in hot tubs across the world. At Oasis Leisure, a company based in Northern Ireland, they have seen a lot more visitors to their website looking for more information on hot tubs. This highlights another of the reasons that people have invested in hot tubs.

Northern Ireland does not enjoy the best weather and can be chilled by harsh North Atlantic winds, even in the summer. Hot tubs, however, don’t need the weather to make them a great place to be, unlike an outdoor pool. Even in arctic nations like Finland and Norway, hot tubs are a popular find in yards and gardens, often covered by a roof or installed in a small outhouse.

hot-tub. pexels image.
Hot-Tub. image by pexels

They Also Are an Investment

One of the benefits of installing a hot tub is adding to property value. A quality made hot tub, installed correctly and tastefully in the yard, can make a home more desirable to prospective buyers, and push house price a little higher with the realtor.

This makes them a sensible investment, which is why many people have been spending some of their time and money on them during lockdown and quarantine. Not only do homeowners get to enjoy a hot tub at home, but they also help pay for themselves in the long run.

Even after the lockdown is over, hot tubs are going to be a popular home improvement in the years to come. The technology is getting cheaper and the designs getting simpler, helping just about anyone add some luxury and decadence to their yard.