BidenMail Service Tests Open-Back Mail Carrier Fleet

  • Satirical Cartoon

BidenMail may become a reality, according to recent reports. Barack Obama had ObamaCare, so why not? Some open-back vehicles depicted in the cartoon below were reportedly seen driving through city streets towards a poll-counting station. Could this be BidenMail?

No word yet on whether this was an official USPS trial. There have been suggestions that it may have been poll workers trying to show the USPS how to get mail delivered on-time.

Others say the use of open-back vehicles with rope tie-down may result in unwanted mail, such as junkmail or Trump votes flying out the back.

It is likely the use of standard assembly-line vehicles could save USPS millions of dollars each year. Even so, the cost of sending mail is sure to increase, because the original vehicles probably have little resale value.

bidenmail open back truckpractice run
BidenMail open back delivery vehicle practice run. Satirical Politics Cartoon by NewsBlaze.

At least two vehicles that appeared to be in a convoy were sighted and photographed by an astute observer.

Some people say that transporting federal mail in a private vehicle is against the law, so democrats say it must have been an official USPS trial-run.

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