Biden And Harris Plan To Make Conservatives Cry Forever

On Election Day, Biden and Harris take another rest. Not much different from what they’ve been doing most days.

Except today, Joe doesn’t need to prepare for another gaffe-ridden day.

Instead, they can plan for how they’ll treat the conservatives who voted for them, should they be lucky enough to cheat their way to the White House.

Biden And Harris Plan To Make Conservatives Cry Forever
Biden And Harris Plan To Make Conservatives Cry Forever. Cartoon by NewsBlaze

Democrats plan to not relinquish the White House for a long time. They have already planned to expand and pack the Supreme Court and declare two more demodrat-riddled states.

They will probably also open the borders and import millions of poor hispanics who will gladly vote for free stuff.

They may never need to rely on the black vote again.

Hopefully, this will all be wishful thinking, and Donald Trump will win the White House for another four years. That should give him time to finally clean out the Washington D.C. swamp.

Alan Gray
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