Is Google+ Still Useful?

“Is Google+ dead yet?” This is perhaps the most frequently asked question about Google’s social network. Many social media experts have been predicting the death of Google+ since 2014, yet the social networking site is still here, and it is here to stay.

Beyond the frequent redesigns and the introductions of new features, Google+ is actually a social network with loyal users. In fact, Facebook and Twitter could only dream about the kind of users Google+ has. So, is Google+ still useful for the average user? Let’s find out, shall we?

More Features Than Ever

Google+ is more than your average social networking platform. A recent series of updates has brought many new features that really put Google+ front and center as a platform. For starters, Google+ works seamlessly with Google Hangouts and YouTube Live, making it perfect for hosting presentations, online workshops, and webinars.

The platform also supports multimedia content. It allows users to share photos and videos from other Google services directly. When your Google Photos generate an animated slideshow, you can share it to Google+ with just one tap.

It may feel like Google is phasing Google+ out, hoping to replace it with a more mature platform in the future, but it is still adding new features that keep existing users loyal and happy. Events and Circles work better than ever. Businesses and professionals can now display customer reviews, complete with ratings and other details. The platform even handles comments better than other social networks by taking advantage of Google’s AI to prioritize valuable comments first.


Communities are one of the many reasons why Google+ is still very popular. Communities are the biggest strengths of this social network. You only need to look at certain communities available on Google+ to know that the social network is still active as ever.

The Toy Photographers community is a good example of how groups of very passionate users are keeping the platform alive. Google is catering to these groups through features such as detailed photo metadata and the ability to zoom in.

You can also find key figures and top names such as Michael Palance connecting with fellow actors (and future stars) through Google+, along with groups devoted to popular movies. The Harry Potter community on Google+ is a fun community to join.

SEO Purposes

There is one final reason why Google+ is far from dead, and that is the SEO benefits the platform brings. Share content on Google+ and you will find it indexed by Google faster than ever. Google+ is the social network to use if you want your latest blog posts, new YouTube videos, and other content crawled faster.

The SEO benefits of using Google+ are also handy for brands and professionals trying to establish a stronger online presence. Unlike on other social networks, you don’t need large followers to expand your exposure. You just have to connect with the right groups or communities on Google+ to have the same reach.

Is Google+ dead? Far from it. Is it still worth it to pour time and resources towards developing a strong Google+ profile? Definitely. Google+ is a handy social networking platform. The benefits we just covered in this article are more than enough reasons to maintain a good Google+ profile today.

Is Google+ Still Useful?
Is Google+ Still Useful?