Tropical Atlantic May Form This Weekend


The AccuWeather Global Weather Center is monitoring an area of disturbed weather over the Atlantic Ocean, north of the Leeward Islands, looking for possible tropical development that may begin through this weekend.

Development of the tropical system was inhibited by strong winds above the surface waters, but forecasts the system will move to where winds are less strong.

AccuWeather Hurricane Expert, Dan Kottlowski, said “As the disturbance moves into this zone of lower wind shear and remains over warm water, environmental conditions could support development of a tropical or sub-tropical system this weekend into early next week.”

The system is expected to move towards Bermuda by early next week.

“It is possible this system pesters Bermuda with a few days of squalls and gales,” Kottlowski said.

By mid next week, he expects it will be swept to the northeast, or it may move westward toward New England or the Maritime provinces of Canada.

At this stage, they don’t know if it will develop into a tropical system.

tropical system caribbean
A tropical weather system is in the early stages of development northeast of Caribbean Islands. A large area of slowly rotating showers and thunderstorms is centered over Central America, near the lower left corner of the image. (NOAA/Satellite) says they are monitoring a broad area around Honduras and Nicaragua, where there is a weak low pressure area with clouds, showers and thunderstorms. They say it “might spin off a tropical system on the Atlantic or Pacific side of Central America during next week.”

Accuweather says it is typical for tropical development in the Atlantic Basin to move closer to the near-shore waters of North and Central America around this time of year.

The most recent tropical system over the Atlantic was Edouard, which lost it tropical characteristics about three weeks ago.

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