Santino’s Restaurant Offers The Finest Salvadorian Cuisine in Santa Monica

Santino’s Restaurant Brings Salvadorian Cuisine and Culture to Santa Monica

Just when my friends and I thought we had enjoyed every kind of cuisine available in Los Angeles, we came across a unique experience at Santino’s Restaurant in Santa Monica. Santino’s has a cozy atmosphere and serves recipes handed down from their family lineage. The decor is colorful with a rustic feeling that has an eclectic group of patrons who enjoy celebrating life and fine cuisine.

On a recent visit there with Tom Hallick, who has returned to “The Young and Restless,” and his wife, Yin Jiang, a concert violinist with Andrea Bocelli we were greeted by Sergio Amota, the proprietor and his chef, Steven Bravo.

santinos restaurant

Both Tom and Yin have traveled extensively around the globe, partaking in whatever their taste buds desire.

Getting right to the point, Salvadorian cuisine tastes so good due to the spices which are imported from El Salvador and in the style in which the food is prepared.

Our culinary journey began with Sweet Breads such as The Crostini Carpaccio, prepared with Sirloin thyme, lemon sauce, arugula and parmesan cheese, Santino’s Fries Lamb Ragu, fries topped with Lamb Ragu and Calamari, fresh squid, grilled with olive oil, lemon and spices. This set the mood, with a fine glass of wine for me and a beer from Argentina for Tom. “This is something else,” Tom says.

“An evening of music and good conversation, with a hearty appetite is just what I needed,” Tom adds.

Santino’s recipes are handed down from Sergio’s family.

Tom ordered the deep 16 oz. Rib Eye, prepared with garlic fries and grilled onions, while Yin ordered Butternut Squash Ravioli, with a butter sage sauce, and I ordered Salmon, which was seared with Caribbean style rice.

With a great appetite, there was another choice for us to share. The Lasagna, prepared with Italian sausage – ground beef ragu, bechameille, parmesan and marinara sauce. It was delicious and had our tummies pretty full.

As with any good meal, there’s always something special for a sweet tooth. Our deserts, which are also homemade were the Argentina Flan, Chocolate Mouse, White Chocolate Panacotta and Panqueques, which are crepes filled with duice de leche. There’s a relaxing feeling that sets you at ease, for a good night’s sleep after a meal like this.

So, what’s not to like about Santino’s? All you need to do to explore Salvadorian cuisine is stop by any Monday night at their Santa Monica location and try any two specialty dishes, which includes Tia’s appetizers for a mere $5.00. That in itself is a great introduction to explore Salvadorian cuisine.

inside santinos restaurant
Inside Santino’s Restaurant

For those who want to have their food delivered, the Venice location delivers up to 3am on Wednesday through Saturday. Call {310} 450-5313 or for reservations all {310} 392-5920.

Santino’s is located at 3021 Lincoln Blvd. in Santa Monica. Celebrity Scene News awards Santino’s Restaurant 4 stars for it’s cuisine and ambiance.

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