Tornadoes Hit Central Oklahoma – Two Dead

Tornadoes Kill Two in Oklahoma

Swirling tornadoes ripped through Wynnewood and Cornerville, Oklahoma, killing two persons.

The tornadoes left a trail of massive destruction and severely damaged several homes and barns.

The local authorities described the twisters as being so violent that weather forecasters were prompted to declare “a tornado emergency” for residents in the affected area.

Television images flashed on different channels showing the massive destruction caused by the tornadoes. Damage included homes destroyed, vehicles overturned and trees ripped to pieces.

According to the Garvin County Office of Emergency Management, the first victim was Chester Barnes, believed to be in his late 70s. He was found dead in Wynnewood, south of Oklahoma City.

Another victim was reported in Johnston County, Oklahoma.

Tornado Watch Issued

Severe thunderstorms are likely to hit Kansas and Oklahoma. It is feared there is a possibility more tornadoes could develop. In fact, the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma warned residents that “a substantial tornado risk” could develop in areas in Southern Plains and Ozarks.

To avoid casualties, the National Weather Service also issued a tornado emergency to warn residents in the Hickory and Roff areas of Oklahoma. The residents there are currently bracing themselves as a dangerous tornado was approaching.

In some parts of Oklahoma and Kansas, a severe thunderstorm watch was issued which took effect until 9 p.m. CT.

Outbreak of More Tornados is Possible

Weather forecasters stressed that the threat is not yet over. Even meteorologists said twisters may develop from eastern Oklahoma to central Arkansas, with wind speeds above 111 mph.

In addition, Sioux City in Iowa with about 41 million people, is at risk for some type of stormy weather. Also, a tornado warning was issued for a storm near Lincoln, Nebraska. reported massive hail up to 4 inches in diameter fell in Lincoln, Nebraska and near Wapanucka, Oklahoma.

Tornadoes - House severely damaged.
House severely damaged by a swirling tornado.

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