Philippine Elections: Rodrigo Duterte Declares Victory, Rivals Concede

Rodrigo Duterte Victory Numbers

The Philippine anti-crime candidate, Rodrigo Duterte, has declared victory as his main rivals in the presidential race conceded defeat.

Based on unofficial results, Rodrigo Duterte takes the biggest lead with 15,582,454 votes. Ruling party candiate Mar Roxas, trails Duterte with 9,436,497 votes. Coming third in the tally is Senator Grace Poe with 8,729,354 votes. The results are based on the 93.28% precincts reporting as of May 10th 2016, 5:51:46 pm local time.

The two runners-up, Senator Grace Poe and Manuel “Mar” Araneta Roxas, both conceded and assured Duterte victory.

The ruling party’s candidate, Manuel “Mar” Roxas wished the anti-crime mayor “success.”

“Your success is the success of the Filipino people,” Roxas said.

Grace Poe was the first to concede defeat. The female senator trailed third in the race, and promised to “cooperate with the healing process” after widely contested campaigns.

“I respect the result of the election,” she said. “We fought hard.”

Rodrigo Duterte Will be the 16th President of the Philippines

Named “Asia’s Trump” and “The Punisher,” Rodrigo Duterte said he accepted the will of the people with “extreme humility.” To be hailed as 16th president of the Philippines, Duterte drew sentiments when he visited the tombs of his parents and prayed for their guidance.

Rodrigo Duterte dominates pre-election survey.
Rodrigo Duterte dominates pre-election survey.

Widely endorsed and supported by businessmen and the people of Mindanao, Rodrigo Duterte is indeed headed for a resounding victory in the Philippines’ presidential poll. Duterte’s supporters are flooding social media with expressions of victory and shout-outs such as CHANGE IS COMING.

Who is Rodrigo Duterte?

The pro-poor Rodrigo Duterte won the heart of many Filipinos amid being bombarded by controversies. He is popularly known for his platforms of anti-crime initiatives and his plans to rewrite the constitution, and his mission to change to a federal system of government.

At first, Duterte was reluctant to run for the presidency. But with supporters promising to back him all the way up to the finish line of the election, Duterte succumbed to the demands of the majority.

Amid facing criticisms for being so outspoken and his controversial anti-crime activities, Duterte still won the hearts and the support of millions of Filipinos.

As the Philippines waits for the official results of the election, nothing can stop the supporters of Duterte celebrating the much-awaited victory.

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