More Stars Unveiled For Koncert 4 Kiddz Charity Event

The stars will perform for the fourth annual Koncert 4 Kiddz to again raise money for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. With more talent than ever, the Famunda All-Stars will utilize their gifted voices to entertain a crowd at the Ritz-Ybor in Tampa on February 20, 2010.

The cast includes some newcomers including former professional wrestler, Austin Idol, who had this to say, “This is my first year and I’m positive that American Idol will waive the age limit requirements so that I can be crowned the next American Idol! Wow, what a ring this has to it.”

Austin Idol wins “American Idol!'” Local paleontologist, Frank Garcia, shared his thoughts, “It is so wonderful that the LOVE of song can contribute to such a profound and important cause so that children in dire needs can have hope and help from loving people that speak the universal language…Music!”

Founder and “fun-master,” Tedd Webb, will be on hand with a slew of other singers including Joe Lala (original member of Blues Image), former Oakland Raider’s star, Henry “Killer” Lawrence, and the “Watchdog on Wall Street,” Chris Markowski. “The Famunda All Stars appreciate the corporate community coming to the rescue, as all 33 VIP tables were sold.”

“The winners are the kids. It is so overpowering to see so many people volunteer their hearts out for such a worthy cause as The Pediatric Cancer Foundation,” relayed Tedd Webb. The ladies from the Krewe of Les Belles Femmes will also share some tunes along with Lanny Poffo, Florida House candidate, Brian Blair, the Arena Brothers, (Sammy and Andrew); Belinda Womack; award winning singer, Dennis Lee; Brendan McLaughlin; Jennifer Epstein; Steve Persall; Ernest Hooper and Bill Murphy. Check out the following video featuring many celebrities including Lanny Poffo, Tedd Webb and Brian Blair promoting the event:

Charley Belcher, Tampa TV personality for Fox 13 news, and Jen Holloway of Bright House Networks will again emcee the festivities. Special guest announcer will be Media Personality and Pro Wrestling Ring Announcer Shannon Rose. WHERE: Ritz-Ybor; 1503 E 7th Ave Tampa, FL 33605

WHEN: February 20, 2010 at 6:00 PM

TICKET AVAILABILITY: (813) 839-9393 or at

WHY: For the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to fund research that will lead to the elimination of childhood cancer worldwide.

For the past 18 years, the Foundation has funded more than $3.8 million to researchers. For the first 15 years, the Foundation funded seed grants at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital and H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute in Tampa, All Children’s Research Institute in St. Petersburg, the University of Florida in Gainesville, and the University of Miami-School of Medicine. About The Famunda All Stars The Famunda All-Stars have been together since 2005, and feature some of the sweetest voices in the Tampa Bay area. The Famunda’s are about Fun and Fund Raising.

The group’s pet cause is The Pediatric Cancer Foundation, and The Famunda’s raise money for it every year at Koncert 4 Kiddz. The fourth one is coming in February, 2010. The group was founded by Steve & Kathy Tidler, Tedd Webb, Nicole Valentin and Frank Garcia. The group was joined by Gary Kyle and Sergio Rosello and soon became a Saturday night event at Tedd’s Place.

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