Lost Season Six Episode 15 : Across the Sea – Play by Play

The story of Jacob, the Man in Black and the Island is apparently what Lost is all about. This is the episode that should fit many of the pieces together in the mythos of the series and bring forward the anticipated final episode. So here is the breakdown of “Across The Sea”.

The episode opens with a woman floating in the sea on the wreckage of a raft. She spies an island nearby and ends up washed up on a beach that looks very familiar. She is also heavily pregnant.

She makes her way inland, finding another woman who asks to help her. Unsure at first the woman accepts help and is taken to a cave the cave where the islanders found the Adam and Eve skeletons.

The woman from the sea is called Claudia. She asks how they got here, and is told the same way as everyone else by accident. Claudia goes into labour and gives birth in the cave to a boy she calls Jacob. Soon it becomes apparent that she was carrying twins and she gives birth to a second boy. Claudia says she only picked one name as the other woman wraps Jacob in a white towel and the unnamed second baby in a black one. Claudia asks to see the babies but is killed by the woman.

After a shift in time, Jacob and his brother are teenagers when we see him next. They play a game on the beach with a draughts board and a pair of dark and light stones he found. Jacob goes to see his “mother”, the woman who killed their real mother. She asks if he loves her. He replies yes and she asks him to tell her what his brother is doing on the beach. Their mother goes to the beach and tells Jacob’s brother than he isn’t like Jacob, he can lie and he is special. She tells him that she left it on the beach for him to find. He asks if it came from across the sea, but she tells him that there isn’t anything across the sea. She says there is only the island.

While chasing a pig through the jungle the boys encounter a group of men. They return to “mother” and tell her about them. She says that the men are not like them. She says that they are on the island for a reason and that the men are dangerous. She says the men always come, fight, destroy and it always ends the same a'” echoing a line used by the Man in Black on the beach at the beginning of season 5. Their mother leads the boys through the jungle. Jacob’s brother asks if they can ever hurt each other. She tells them she has made it so they can never hurt each other. She then shows them a cave of light and tells Jacob and his brother that it is the reason why they are on the island to protect the light. She tells them that if the light goes out on the Island it goes out everywhere. When she is gone, she says that one of them will have to protect it.

Later, Jacob’s brother sees a vision of his real mother. He leaves Jacob, telling him he is going to the beach. He finds his dead mother’s spirit, who says she wants to take him somewhere he has never seen and show him where he came from. She takes him to a village where the people who were on her ship settled. Claudia tells him that there are many things across the sea and he came from across the sea as she was his real mother.

Jacob’s brother tries to lead Jacob to the village. Jacob beats his brother up when he says that their “mother” lied to them. She breaks up their fight and asks to know what is going on. He tells her that he has seen his true mother and they should go, but Jacob stays with her. She says that no matter how he tries he will never be able to leave the island. He says that he will one day, and he will prove it.

On the beach, Jacob asks his “mother” if she killed his real mother. She says that she did but he needed to be brought up good and the others are bad. He asks why she loves his brother more than him, and she replies that she loves them both in different ways. He says that he will stay with her for a while.

Another skip in time and Jacob is grown, weaving the tapestry that was in the cave with him when Ben killed him. Jacob visits the Man in Black. Jacob tells him that he watches him and the people he is with to find out if they are bad as “mother” says.

The Man In Black says they are bad they are greedy, manipulative and selfish but he is staying with them because they can get him off the Island. Jacob says there is no way off the island. The Man in Black draws his dagger and throws it away. A force pulls the dagger against a stone wall that looks like the making of a well like a magnet. The Man in Black tells Jacob that there are places all over the Island where metal acts in strange ways and at those places they dig. He says that this time they found something.

Jacob returns to his “mother”. She asks what his brother told him. Jacob tells her he has found a way to leave the Island. She goes to the Man In Black, going down into the well where he is working. She says that he has no idea what the power under the Island is and he tells her that is because she did not tell him. He tells him that they are building something that will allow him to leave the Island the wheel that Ben and Locke both turned to be taken off the Island. She tells him that she thinks they need to say goodbye but as she hugs him she slams his head against the wall knocking him out.

She returns to Jacob, telling him that he must protect the light now. She tells him that he must protect the light because it is life, death and rebirth. He promises her that he will never go down into the cave where the light is because she tells him that to do so would be worse than dying. She makes a drink and tells him that if he drinks it then he will take on the responsibility of looking after the Island until it is time for him to find a replacement. After a moment, he takes the cup and drinks.

The Man in Black wakes up on the ground outside the well, which he discovers filled in. HE turns around and sees smoke in the air, and following it he discovers all his people dead and their village burned to the ground.

Jacob and his mother walk through the jungle. She sends him for firewood and returns to the cave. The Man In Black has been there and has left the draughts board with the white stone. As she picks it up he stabs her from behind. As she lies dying he asks why she wouldn’t let him leave. She says because she loves him then says thank you before dying. Jacob arrives at the cave to find the Man in Black standing beside her body. He asks what he’s done and beats his brother up.

Jacob takes the Man in Black to the cave of light. He throws him down outside the cave knocking his unconscious and sending him on the water flow into the cave. The light in the cave goes out and the Smoke Monster emerges and roars into the sky.

Jacob makes his way back through the jungle to find his brother’s body on a rock. He carries his brother back to the cave and lays they body there next to that of his mother creating the skeletons that Jack and Kate find years later (which is shown in a short flash). Jacob says goodbye to his brother.

So, not as many answers as many would like with only two episodes left, but let us not forget that that is actually around three and a half hours worth to fill. They couldn’t tell all the mysteries.

We have seen who the Adam and Eve skeletons from season one were, we also know that smoke monster originated in the light in the heart of the Island but what is that light?

Without truly explaining it, the wheel that Ben and Locke both turned was not created by the Man in Black, but as the smoke monster he obviously advises others into building it.

The next episode, “What They Died For” is sure to bring to a head some of the questions about what happened between the events of this episode and current situation on the Island as we prepare for the two and a half hour finale in less than a fortnight’s time.