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Anthony Lund is an author, reviewer and freelance writer from Durham, England. He lives with his wife and a collection of cuddly monkeys in a small village where nothing significant happens so feels he has to make up for this with his fiction work. Anthony has two websites at www.anthonylund.co.uk and www.talesfromthebackside.co.uk. He is currently working on his second novel and new content for the Tales archive.

Bruce Springsteen Fans Join Forces To Give Him His First UK...

22nd August is the date many Springsteen fans are etching into their diaries as his fans prepare to put Born To Run at the top of the UK Singles chart to celebrate its 35th anniversary.

Can Bruce Springsteen’s UK Fan’s Take Him To The Top

A Facebook campaign to get The Boss's seminal Born To Run to the top spot in the UK charts.

Lost Series Finale Extended Play By Play Review

The final of Lost is here and after six years the story is over. Relive the last ever episode with the finale play by play.

Ashes to Ashes – The Series Finale Review (Contains spoilers)

The end of the Gene Hunt saga that began with Life on Mars brings the 80's drama to a conclusion.

Lost Episode 16 – What They Died For – Episode Play...

The penultimate episode of the series brings the threads of the story towards a thrilling conclusion.

Doctor Who – Amy’s Choice Review

The Doctor and Amy find themselves trapped in a dream world. Read the episode review here.

Mothers Little Helper – Advance Review of New Sex Comedy

Review of the sex comedy due to be released in December 2010 featuring Denise Richards and James Belushi.

Lost Season Six Episode 15 : Across the Sea – Play...

The episode opens with a woman floating in the sea on the wreckage of a raft. She spies an island nearby and ends up washed up on a beach that looks very familiar. She is also heavily pregnant.

Lost Season Six Episode 14 : ‘The Candidate’ Play by Play...

The groups attempts to leave the Island end in disaster as the series hurtles towards its conclusion.

Doctor Who – The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone

The Weeping Angels return in this tense and terrifying double header.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010 Remake) Review

Michael Bay's reimagining of the classic horror story hits the screens to breathe new life into the franchise.

Lost Episode 13 : The Last Recruit – Play by Play

The camps merge and are soon divided again as power struggles continue among the Islanders.

Doctor Who:Episode 3 – Victory of The Daleks Review

The Doctor visits London during the Blitz to find his old enemy waiting for him.

Meat Loaf – Hang Cool Teddy Bear Album Review

Meat Loaf's new album hits UK stores April 19th and US in mid May. The biggest voice in rock has a new sound but is still rocking at the age of 62.

Lost Episode 12 – Everyone Loves Hugo – Play by Play...

Hugo leads part of the group to a showdown with the Man in Black, while in the flash sideways Desmond continues to remind passengers of Oceanic 815 of the Island.

Doctor Who: New Series Episode 2 Review

The Doctor and Amy travel to the future where the Earth is no more and the UK is floating through space on the back of a spaceship.

Lost Episode 11: Happily Ever After – Play By Play Review

Desmond is brought back to the Island to serve his purpose and finds himself flashing back to another reality. Episode breakdown and upcoming preview.
doctor 1

Doctor Who New Series – The Eleventh Hour Review

Matt Smith takes the reigns from David Tennant as the manic Time Lord in the new Series of Doctor Who.

Lost Episode 10 : The Package – Play by Play

As life on the Island approaches an end, Jin and Sun continue to hunt for each other and Charles Widmore reveals the nature of 'The Package' in the title of the episode.

Clash of The Titans 2010 Review

Review of the updated CGI-fest based on the 1981 film of the same name. Released 2nd April 2010 and featuring a cast including Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes.