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Anthony Lund is an author, reviewer and freelance writer from Durham, England. He lives with his wife and a collection of cuddly monkeys in a small village where nothing significant happens so feels he has to make up for this with his fiction work. Anthony has two websites at www.anthonylund.co.uk and www.talesfromthebackside.co.uk. He is currently working on his second novel and new content for the Tales archive.

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Lost Episode 9 : Ab Aeterno – Play by Play and...

Richard's story is finally told as Lost thunders towards its conclusion. If you are looking for answers then this episode has shiploads..literally.Also contains a preview of coming episodes.

Lost Episode 8 : Recon – Episode Play by Play

Locke has a mission for Sawyer, and a flash sideways reveals a very different future for Sawyer without the Island's involvement. Full episode breakdown and upcoming preview.

Lost Episode 7 : Dr Linus – Episode Breakdown

Play by play of the latest episode of Lost, which focuses on Ben Linus and how his past catches up with him.

Lost Episode 6 : Sundown. Episode Review and Break Down

As Lost moves towards its conclusion, get the lowdown on the latest episode including Claire's arrival at the Temple, a sudden change in Sayid and a drawing of lines between the Islanders.

Alice In Wonderland Review – Burton’s Twisted Vision Is Full of...

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland review. A grown up Alice returns to a dark and dangerous Wonderland in this surreal vision of Lewis Carroll's world.

Lost Season 6 Episode 5 Review

Hugo is taking Jack on a mission through the Jungle and Jin finds a very different Claire living rough and making some very dubious friends. Contains spoilers.

The Crazies Film Review – Romero’s Classic Gets a Top Class...

George A Romero's The Crazies has been considered an overlooked gem of the seventies horror glut. Now it get a remake that for once does not tarnish the memories of the original.

Lost Season 6 Episode 4 – The Substitute Reviewed

Review of episode 4 of the new season of Lost along with a brief preview of episode 5.

Edge of Darkness – Film Review

Mel Gibson returns to the front of camera in a tense, violent thriller.

A Book Waiting to Be Untethered

The Tethered Goat by Nicholas Winer is a book that has potential to be a great read for anyone who likes political and spy thrillers.

Call on the Play for Stripping: England Footballer John Terry

England manager Fabio Capello has stripped John Terry of his captaincy following his marital affair with the ex-partner of another England player.

Law of Attraction Handbook – Make Your Own Dreams Come True

A self help book that provides simple steps that can change your life with nothing more than positive thinking and will power.