Lost Episode 13 : The Last Recruit – Play by Play

Opening the final run of Lost episodes, we pick up where episode 12 ended with Jack’s group arriving at Locke’s camp. Jack and Locke leave the others to speak privately. Jack tells Locke that he doesn’t know what he is and asks why Locke’s form was chosen to be taken over.

Locke, the Man in Black, tells Jack that Locke was chosen because he believed he had been brought to island for a reason, then his body was brought to the island after he was dead. Jack asks who else the Man in Black has looked like, obviously hinting at the appearances of his dead father in earlier seasons. Jack then asks if he was his father as he saw him then. The Man in Black says it was, but he only did it to help them find water and to ultimately help them get off the Island. Jack asks why he hasn’t left the Island before and is told it is because they have to leave together. He also says that John Locke was not a believer but was a sucker.

After their exchange Jack and the Man in Black return to camp but find Claire on the way. The Man in Black leaves them alone to catch up. Claire tells him that she is glad he is coming with them, to which he tells her he hasn’t made his mind up yet. Claire says that he is because he let the Man in Black talk to him so whether he likes it or not he is with them.

Back at the camp, Sawyer tells Hugo about his plan to leave on the submarine without some of the others. Kate tells Sun the same thing. The Man in Black returns to the camp and says he is glad to have everyone back together.

Kate asks Jack what Locke said to him and if he believes him. Before he can answer, Zoe (Charles Widmore’s second in command) arrives in the camp looking for Desmond. Locke comes out to see her but plays dumb, leading her to call for a missile to be dropped just behind the camp. She says he has a few hours to get Desmond back to them or the next time the missile will be on target.

Locke tells the group that there are bad people trying to coax them into a war and they are going to the other Island to get on the plane and leave. He tells Sawyer to take one boat and after taking one group across return for the others. Locke then takes Sayid aside, while Sawyer does the same to Jack. Away from the others, Sawyer tells Jack they won’t be coming back for Locke. He tells Jack to get Hugo, Sun and Lapedes and meet him at a different rendezvous point. He says that it must only be those three.

Locke tells Sayid to go out to the well where Desmond is and hill him. Sayid takes a gun and makes his way out to the well. He looks in and finds Desmond there.

Desmond asks what he is being offered for killing him. Sayid says he has been told he will be given back the woman he loves who died. Desmond asks how he thinks that’s possible. Sayid says that Locke did it for him, so he can do it for her. Desmond wants to know what Sayid will tell her he did to get her back. Although their scene is left there, we expect that Desmond will survive their meeting.

As they make it to beach Kate asks if Sawyer thinks it is a good idea to go back for Locke. Sawyer tells her they aren’t going back for him and tells her about his nee plan with Jack. They wade out to the boat that Locke told them to go to.

The rest of the group trek through the jungle. Jack talks to Claire and asks how long she has been with Locke and if she trusts him. She says she has been there since the others left and she trusts him because he didn’t abandon her.

Locke asks Sun if she’s seen Sayid as he should have been back. She doesn’t reply because she can’t. Locke tells them all to continue along the route and he will be back after finding Sayid.

As soon as Locke has gone, Jack leads Hugo, Sun and Lapedes away towards Sawyer’s rendezvous point but is seen by Claire.

Locke finds Sayid and asks if Desmond is dead. Sayid tells him he is and they head off to catch up with the others. It is almost certain that Sayid has let Desmond live, and this along with a few other subtle changes to the groups and their actions seem to indicate that current alliances will be broken before the final episode.

Jack’s group arrives at the dock where Sawyer has the boat waiting. As they get on board Claire arrives behind them with a gun. Claire asks why they aren’t waiting for Locke and is told it is because he isn’t one of them. Kate talks her into going with them and leaving Locke behind. Claire gets on the boat telling Kate that Locke’s going to be mad when he finds out what they did.

Lapedes asks Sawyer what his plan is. Sawyer tells him they are going to force Widmore to let them leave on the submarine. Sawyer then talks to Jack, telling him that he didn’t think he would come. Jack tells him that he does not think it is right to leave the Island anymore. He says he remembers what he felt like last time they left and it does not feel the same. He says that if the thing pretending to be Locke wants them to leave then it is because it is frightened for them to stay. Sawyer tells him to keep quiet or get off the boat because he is either with them or against them. Jack tells Sawyer that he’s sorry he got Juliette killed then jumps off the boat. Kate tells Sawyer to go back and get him but Sawyer refuses.

Jack makes it to the shore to find Locke waiting for him. Locke says that he knows Sawyer has taken the boat.

The boat arrives on the other island, and the group are met by Widmore’s men. Jin is also there and is reunited with Sun, and as she does her voice returns. Jin tells her they will never be apart again. After speaking to Widmore, Zoe tells the group to get on their knees and orders a missile to be fired at Locke.

On the other beach missiles start falling and Locke rescues Jack telling him he is with him now and he’s safe.

The flash sideways picks up with Locke being rushed to hospital after Desmond ran him over at the end of the last episode. As Locke arrives at the hospital he is wheeled in alongside Sun, who you will recall was shot during the restaurant incident. As she sees Locke she says No, it is him.

Sawyer and Miles have meanwhile taken Kate back to their station. Sawyer asks if she thinks it is strange that they were on the same LA flight, met up in the airport, then he apprehends her a week later? She says she doesn’t think so. Another call comes in which is the call for the shooting at the restaurant, and it comes with camera footage of Sayid leaving the restaurant. Seemingly the linking together of all the Islanders is picking up pace as this puts Jin, Sun, Miles, Kate, Sawyer, Jack, and Locke on a collision course at the hospital.

Meanwhile Claire is checking into the Adoption agency. Desmond meets her as she signs in, introducing himself and telling her that she should have a lawyer with her and he’s going to meet one. He persuades her to go with him into the office, where the lawyer turns out to be Illana who says that they have been looking for Claire and asks to speak to her about something.

Sayid returns to his brother’s house and tells Nadia that he is leaving and will not be able to return. She asks what he did but Miles arrives at the door before he can answer. Sayid tells her to stall them. Sayid tries to leave via the back door but is caught and arrested by Sawyer who is waiting for him.

At the building where Claire was last seen with Illana, Jack arrives to hear the reading of his father’s will. This, we discover is the reason why Claire was taken in by Illana. Jack meets Claire for the first time and discovers that she is his sister. Jack gets a call saying there has been an emergency at the hospital and he has to go.

In the hospital, Sun wakes up to find Jin with her. He tells her that she is going to be ok and so is the baby.

Outside Jack returns to the hospital and heads to prepare for an operation on Locke. He enters the operating theatre and is about to begin operating when he recognises Locke.

With only four episodes now remaining the ante has well and truly been upped. There are no more single story episodes, with the possible exception of ‘Across the Sea’ which is set to answer many questions about Jacob and the Man in Black, and the action is frantically moving from one camp to another as they head towards the series climax. For anyone who has not followed Lost from the start, and more importantly had a recent recap of events in the previous seasons, it is virtually impossible to completely follow the series this late on, but returning to the beginning with all that is now known would be like reading a full novel after previously reading a synopsis.

The writers have pulled off the seemingly unthinkable task of drawing in the threads of the Lost world and bringing them to a workable and believable (as far as believable can be in this series) conclusion. Probably the only slight oddity with this episode is that the title is not entirely clear in relation to the episode as previous ones have been. It could refer to Jack being welcomed to Locke’s group at the end of episode, or perhaps Desmond’s efforts to bring people together in the flash sideways.

Either way, it is a small niggle and certainly not as much an annoyance as knowing there are two weeks to wait for the still-shrouded-in-mystery next episode entitled The Candidate really should not be watching at all. This is Lost at its best and expectation of a barnstorming finale are higher than ever.