Kendall Jenner Claims Psychic Abilities

As if the Kardashian/Jenner world was not bizarre enough, now Kendall Jenner claims to be a psychic.

Kendall Jenner Psychic Ability

The 20-year old model, best known for her time in “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” wrote on her website that while it can be hard knowing who to trust when you are that famous, she has always been able to use her “women’s intuition” to find people who she know will have her back. And those who she trusts, she trusts completely – Jenner wrote that “I don’t trust people right off the bat, but once you’re in my inner circle, I’m extremely loyal and open – a lot like a cat.”

It may be one thing for Jenner to claim that she just has a very good sense of women’s intuition. But she continued from there and claimed to be a psychic. She stated that she has seen seven psychics, and that all of them told her that she has their gift.

“There’s a way you learn how to navigate this crazy world, and I really base it on my gut feelings,” Jenner observed.

The fact that all seven psychics would have strong reasons to tell Jenner what she wants to hear appears not to have occurred to the famous model.

Jenner is far from the first celebrity to claim she’s a psychic. In fact, she’s not even the first member of the Kardashian/Jenner tribe. Half-sister Khloe Kardashian has dabbled in the psychic world far more than Kendall has. While Jenner seems to view her psychic abilities as only relating to her ability to find friends, Khloe apparently contacted her late father Robert Kardashian using the help of a ghost medium. In what was described as an emotional meeting, Robert stated to Khloe that he was sad he never got to say goodbye to Khloe and the rest of the family.

Miley Cyrus Paranormal Experiences

Outside of the Kardashian family, Miley Cyrus has also claimed to have paranormal experiences. In 2013, Cyrus told Elle UK of the time she spent in a haunted London apartment. Cyrus claimed to have “really crazy dreams and really scary things” happen both to her and her sister, and she said she saw a little, ghostly boy sitting on the sink. After a while, the Cyrus family could not take it anymore, and thus moved out to the Soho Hotel.

And while Cyrus and Jenner are celebrities who just happen to have experiences with the supernatural, there are also men and women who become celebrities because they’re psychic. This includes Thomas John, a psychic known as the “Manhattan Medium” who predicts that Kendall’s sister Kylie Jenner will be engaged at some point next year.

One cannot help but wonder if Kendall sees that happening to her sister as well, along with John’s predictions that Kim Kardashian will stay with Kanye West, but that Khloe will not reconcile with former NBA star Lamar Odom.

Book Schedule

In the meantime, Kendall Jenner has a very busy schedule coming up. She has an upcoming book, “Time of the Twins” which will be released on November 15. “Time of the Twins” is a sequel to “Rebels: City of the Indra,” a book also written by Kendall and Kylie Jenner and published in 2014. But while Kendall and Kylie are on the front cover, it appears that manager Elizabeth Killmond-Roman and co-writer Maya Sloan made at least a large contribution to the work.

“Rebels: City of the Indra” was by and large slammed by critics, who took issue with how the book shows just how out of touch the Jenners are with the struggle of ordinary people as well as a mediocre plot. The New York Daily News quipped that “as stirring climaxes go, we’ll stick to Kim’s sex tape.”

In addition to the book, Kendall Jenner is continuing to model and appear at various celebrity events worldwide. These include talking with Cosmopolitan recently about some of her beauty tricks as well as launching the Estee Edit in London. Perhaps she has used her psychic gifts to blossom into a famous star in her own right, appearing in projects and magazines across the globe.