This Script Could Transform Kim Kardashian Into A Full-Fledged “Movie” Star

Calling All Movie Producers

Aspiring concept creator King Nazir Muhammad has developed the perfect romantic drama tailor made for none other than reality star Kim Kardashian.

And after reading the concept for this “movie” it seems that Ms. Kardashian would indeed be the perfect leading lady in this raw romantic drama. She would play Arie, the privileged yet beautiful snob from Beverly hills who falls on hard times and winds up in the ghetto.

There she meets and falls in love with a “diamond in the rough” street hustler named Nazir, and their culture clashing love affair eventually helps them escape south central. – that’s the short version.

This would be the first staring role for Kim on the big screen and would definitely establish her as an A-list actress. It would showcase her natural ability to be snobby yet capable of intermingling in the urban side of life. Two abilities essential for this role which she displays so well in her personal life, as well as on her reality show.

The concept is in the first stages of development and the creator is looking for industry insiders to help develop and produce this hot new idea. So for all interested parties, Muhammad has made the PDF of the script outline public which you can view – HERE

King Nazir Muhammad can be reached via email at [email protected] Serious Enquiries Only.

fire & earth promo - Kim Kardashian.

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