Go Now: Tonight’s the Night to Decide the Idol Title

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Well, have you already place your vote? If you haven’t, then this is the time right now to pick the next American Idol, as there is now two. Or, in this case, the two Davids. You have David Archuleta, the teenage “savant,” according to Paula. And you have David Cook, who is his brother’s keeper, and isn’t just a classic pop artist, said Ryan. So, it is time to choose when the two Davids face-off in the season finale, tonight at 8pm Eastern on FOX. Tonight’s the night that America will find out what David’s got Cookin.

TV Tonight

It’s going to be an amazing night of finales on the small screen.

Starting at 8pm, “Judgment Day” comes for the NCIS team in this thrilling two-hour, as the search for a killer in sunny California leads to the death of one agent — but it’s only the beginning.

Also at 8pm is an repeat of CW’s Reaper, follow by the finale an hour later at 9pm, where a secret connected to Sam and his contract with Satan may have ramifications for his future, and someone will die.

At 10pm comes the series finale of CBS’ Shark, when Stark’s nemesis (Billy Campbell) breaks out of jail and kidnaps his daughter. Can the Shark save her in time?

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