Go Now: David vs. David on American Idol

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David vs. David

Well, the results were in, when Syesha Mercado was voted off last night. In other words, the predictions for the final two is coming true, as David Archuleta and David Cook will face-off to be the next American Idol. The highly-anticipated finale will be this Tuesday at 8pm on FOX.

Pregnancy Update

Angelina Joile, one-half of Hollywood’s superhero-supercouple known as Brangelina, will be expecting not one but twins with partner Brad Pitt. The news came as a slip from Jolie’s Kung Fu Panda co-star Jack Black during an interview on NBC’s Today.

Besides expanding her family, Jolie will also be in two movies next month, the animated Kung Fu Panda (June 6) and the sleek actioner Wanted (June 27).

The twins will possibly be delivered in France on their due date, August 19.

Renewal News

Bret Harrison and his character Sam will continue to sow their oats, as the CW Network renews Reaper runs for a second season of 13 episodes.

From the genius of cult film writer-director Kevin Smith, this critically-acclaimed yet ratings-challenged yet underrated supernatural-horror-comedy-drama follows a slacker young man whose parents sold his soul to the Devil. Now, he is a bounty hunter for Hell: tracking escaped souls and sending them back down below.

The first-season finale of Reaper will air this Tuesday at 9pm on the CW. Season two will return in January 2009.

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