Family Network Calls for Boycott of CBS ‘Big Brother’ Show

Editor: Alan Gray, NewsBlaze

Family Network on Disabilities of Florida, Inc. (FND) is calling today for a boycott of the CBS show “Big Brother” because of the actions of one of its contestants in using a slur against persons with disabilities.

Adam Jasinski, who identifies himself as doing public relations work for the United Autism Foundation, refers to persons with autism as “r*t**ds” and, when called on it by another contestant, repeatedly defends his actions.

Immediately after his use of the slur, he states “I can call them whatever I want. I work with them all day long, okay?” He then turns to another contestant and says “I’m not saying anything offensive, right or wrong, bro.” He goes on to state that “I don’t think I said anything bad” and “I say what I mean and that’s it.”

According to FND’s Executive Director, Rich La Belle: “CBS intentionally chose this piece, from all of the other footage of all the contestants, to broadcast on national television. We are calling for a boycott because neither CBS nor the Big Brother producers placed this incident in any context or offered an apology for Jasinski’s extremely offensive comments. They simply treated it like just another part of the entertainment on the show – more controversy to spice things up. If Jasinski had used a racial slur, I’m positive they would not have done this. This particular word is the equivalent of a racial slur against persons with disabilities. CBS should not have broadcast this or, if they chose to, they should have pointed it out for what it is. Regardless of how far Jasinski makes it in this show, we are encouraging all persons with disabilities, their families, friends, and all persons who believe in fairness and equality to boycott this show until CBS issues a formal apology.”

FND is also calling on the United Autism Foundation to immediately repudiate Jasinski’s statements and to cut all ties with him. Says La Belle: “If you truly believe in the rights of persons with disabilities, you can’t keep associating with this guy.” As of this writing, the website of the United Autism Foundation continues to prominently feature its relationship with Jasinski, offering for sale only items that are connected with him and his appearance on Big Brother.

La Belle states: “This has got to stop. Persons with disabilities deserve an apology for this – not to be used as a ratings booster.”

FND is a grassroots organization for persons with disabilities and their families. FND serves all disabilities and all ages and has done so for more than 20 years. For more information on FND or anything contained in this press release, please contact Rich La Belle, Executive Director, at 727 523 1130 or at .

Family Network on Disabilities of Florida, Inc.

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