Arts Express: Director Liz Garbus Talks Bobby Fischer Against The World

Arts Express: According to Filmmaker Liz Garbus, there could have only been one Bobby Fischer, a product of his specific Cold War historical moment.

Garbus’ documentary Bobby Fischer Against The World, chronicles the fourteen year old chess prodigy’s emergence in 1958 from a poverty-stricken single working mother home, as the youngest grandmaster in history. Then his 1972 historic match against Soviet chess champion Boris Spassky with its many political manifestations, and Fischer’s gradual descent into madness.

Listen to the Interview Here:

Bobby Fischer Against The World also probes defining issues in the life of the eccentric and defiant genius, as Liz Garbus touches on obsession, autism, paternity mysteries, Kissinger, the Cold War, his mother’s nine hundred page FBI file, and the psychological enigma of the self-hating Jew.

Bobby Fischer Against The World will air on HBO beginning June 6th, check local listings.

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