RahTwoFive Debuts Captivating New Music Video: “Call”

Los Angeles based singer RahTwoFive has released a captivating new music video this week titled “Call,” seen here. Rah did an interview, exclusive to NewsBlaze about the new video, also here below.

As noted in his official biography, “Hailing from Detroit, hip hop singer RahTwofive is ready to dominate not only America, but also the massive Indian Bollywood market, Europe, and the rest of the world. Speaking and singing in fluent English, RaH, who is of Indian origin, also speaks fluent Hindi, Punjabi, and even some Spanish.”

Rapper RahTwoFive’s biography also notes that “With the first three letters of his full name; “Rahul,” turning into his artist name, RaH got his nickname back in high school, which his friends used to call him. RaH states, “I think it’s cool, because it’s the name of the Sun God of Egyptian mythology, and I love the sun! My family and I traveled to Egypt around the same time I got the nickname, and it just stuck.”

rah cozy. image c/o rahtwofive.
rah cozy. image c/o rahtwofive.

The following is an interview with RahTwoFive, exclusively for NewsBlaze.

Q: Hello Rah. You have this cool new video (seen above) for your new song “Call.” What can you tell us about that and the video for it?

RahTwoFive: My new song “Call” is about a girl calling me when she needs me, and I always come through. We flipped this concept to a wild-wild-west theme video where my girlfriend gets kidnapped, and I go to the wild west town and rescue her in a cowboy disguise.

Q: And what was it like making the video?

RahTwoFive: It was a super fun experience! Everyone in the video is a friend or became a friend, and we all went out in the morning on a three-hour road trip to the middle of the desert. We really felt like we were living out our dreams because it was a real movie set and we are all actors and models. Felt like a big thing and it is! Bunch of laughs and hard work. And I got to ride a horse which was very fun!

Q: Cool. We saw a picture of you recently from the video riding the horse. What can you tell us about that?

RahTwoFive: I took a couple of lessons when I was fourteen but nothing since then. It was pretty easy getting back into it though. I was comfortable in about five minutes on the horse.

Q: And who was involved in the video and song? What are some things you can tell us about working with this team?

RahtwoFive: My bro Rambo, I’ve made about six videos with him now–many unreleased still because I’m a perfectionist sometimes. I love working with him; we are good friends and have great chemistry. I trust him and believe in him as an artist producer and director. The models were so perfect for their roles. Couldn’t have done better casting Elizabeth Wood and Nikki Crow. Beautiful and great acting. I’m happy I could get some of my partners and best friends Benny Stories and Al B Sure Jr in the video in small cameo roles. They made the day fun! They’re artists too so keep an eye out for them!

Q: And what are your latest projects out now you can tell us about?

RahTwoFive: “Cozy Season” is my latest project. It’s eight songs all by the same producer; Jupyter. I chose to do this because we were just on a roll with good songs together and it gave a consistent feel throughout the album. I have a few features on there from some of my favorite artists from Detroit–my hometown.

Q: Nice. What are you working on next?

RahtwoFive: I’m thinking of making an album called “Animal” and do it all jungle themed. Kind of like Mogli or Tarzan. Shoot some videos in Costa Rica. I’m about three songs in.

Q: You also do fashion, making some great pieces. What is new with your fashion line?

RahTwoFive: Doing a lot of custom high-end couture orders these days. Working on some potential projects for two huge A-level artists soon! Also, I’ve custom made the clothing for my last music video and album art and photoshoots. The plan is that the brand starts to get known for the most intriguing fashion game-changing designs and then I will release another ready-to-wear line probably in the fall. Only a few styles. I want this to be an on-going process of the brand growing into eventually be as respected as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, or Fendi. So I’m not rushing it or worried about it in the short term.

Working with DJ Khaled

Regarding working with DJ Khaled, RahTwoFive states, “I was in New York and met someone who was friends with one of Khaled’s managers. He loved my music and my look and immediately called him and said ‘I have a young artist here that Khaled should work with.’ He tells him they’ll be in Orlando next weekend and I can fly there and meet him. I booked a flight, and the rest is history. We currently have an unreleased song and video together. He invited me to a couple of clubs.”

Rah adds, “I’m not trying to use anyone’s name to become big. I know it can help but not when it’s one sided. I understand he has a lot of other artists to focus on right now but I am in the Next generation. After I release a hit on my own and start gaining buzz…” DJ Khaled will… “definitely be back around to work. It was all love and I understand. Timing is everything.”

If having to label his music, RaH states that his “music is based in hip hop and R&B, but that it has a jazz, lounge, and pop feel to it and wants to mix genres, not being stuck into any one style or genre.”

RaH states, “I can’t wait for you all to hear and see my new songs and see my videos. You can stay up to date on my Instagram, which will feature news of all the new releases. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I love creating and sharing with you, and thank you for believing in me!”

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RahTwoFive; Official Fashion Line: https://shopmahajan.bigcartel.com/

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