Why Buying Plays Will Boost Listens on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an invaluable online resource for anyone involved in the music industry, or looking to share their music with friends, fans and the world. Of course, unless a channel is already well established there’s a lot of work to do to get noticed.

This means that despite the amount of talent that anyone can have, it could take years to build a credible reputation and get noticed on the site. This is why many people choose to give their music a boost by buying plays, securing the many benefits this brings over time. It’s not about creating a fake image or wanting to look popular as an ego boost – people choose to buy plays from a genuine desire to have their music heard and recognized by more people.

On a site which is all about music then having people listen is the only real goal to aspire to; buying plays can really help this and increase the pool of genuine, organic listeners – here are some of the ways a musician can benefit from buying plays.

Don’t start from zero
It’s a fact that few people want to be first on the dance floor at a wedding – and the same applies to platforms like SoundCloud. Basically, any number above zero makes a song seem more appealing, and a decent number of plays makes it even more so.

Plays bring attention
Songs with lots of plays get attention from other SoundCloud users, and casual viewers, but also from recording companies and agents, as well as the media.

Higher play numbers equal credibility
The boost in credibility as an artist worth listening to is important not just because that makes others more likely to notice and listen to their work, but also as it puts them in a position where influencers in their genre are likely to take them more seriously, which could perhaps leads to collaborations.

Buying plays frees up a little time
The issue of marketing can present a terrible quandary for those who try to manage everything themselves, all of the time. If traditional marketing methods are taking all up the majority of an artist’s time then they may not have any quality time left to make new music to add to their page, or even to interact with existing fans and other musicians. Buying plays releases some of this time so they can keep the balance right

Viral status ahead!
In some cases the attention lots of plays bring can make a song go viral!

Exposure taps into a huge network
The more people who notice an artist and play their song the better, as each of them has their own huge network of connections. Providing they continue to produce excellent tracks, and keep working on the artists’ side of promotion and interaction with the fans, a musician will find some of these contacts will grow into long-term fans.

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Melissa Thompson
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