W.T. GREER: In the Land of Mist and Rainbows

W.T.Greer aboard The Pride of America.
W.T.Greer aboard The Pride of America

Sun and clear blue waters, together with the sounds of wind, waves and rain, accomplished singer, song writer and pianist W.T. Greer enhances paradise off the Hawaiian isles. Currently performing aboard Norwegian Cruise lines, his voice carries a depth of feeling and expression that mesmerizes guests.

From the heart, no holding back, as Mr. Greer sings and loses himself to beautiful songs, we too are compelled to listen. Everyman in soul, but angelic in vocal talent, through four and a half octaves, his voice captures all the colors of sound at the Baby Grand piano, a voice that can catch you as you return from dinner, browse a ship store or view the lush, green volcanic mountainsides. Listeners find themselves surprised with chills, holding back tears or simply at peace and happy.

Rainbow, Kauai.

Mr. Greer not only performs requests from “Popular to Broadway,” often without break, but renders beautiful songs of his own. A family man, he loves people, loves music and feels blessed to have such music inside him to share.

WT Greer at the Baby Grand.
At the Baby Grand

So until you find yourself at sea in the midst of a timeless melody that includes, “Mr. Bo Jangles, Bring Him Home, You Raise me up or I’ll be Seeing You,” you can visit Mr. Greer at: http://www.wtgreer.com/home.html.

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