From Where I Stand, Jazz CD Review

From Where I Stand by Bill Ortiz

Move over George Benson and Barry White, Bill Ortiz has just taken over the crown of most romantic musician.

When I was asked to review this CD I was a little dubious about the genre I was being asked to listen to. Carlos Santana said “Bill Ortiz is a wonderful person and a brilliant musician. He articulates the beautiful language of jazz without losing the purity and innocence of a child. It is a wonderful experience to share music every night with him”. And that was my problem with “jazz,” as it isn’t my favourite type of music.

Well that opinion has certainly changed since listening to the beautiful music on this recording. I have listened to it in the car, having dinner, working, relaxing and in fact everywhere I can play a CD. The tracks flow beautifully together from beginning to end – and then I play it again to see what I have missed.

This would have to be one of the most romantic CD’s I have listened to in a very long time. One that would certainly make a wonderful Valentine Dinner even more special. Playing in the background or while dancing, romance will certainly be in the air.

I hope this is not the last solo recording that Bill does, because if there is more of that in his trumpet I want to hear it all.

Recommended for jazzlovers and romantics. Continue the love and put romance back in your life.

From Where I Stand

Bill Ortiz

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