DirtyVibezs Giving New Definition to Trap Music

In the past few years, trap music has gone through an evolution. Today, it has become a favorite of dance music lovers. The best thing about this music is that music lovers get a chance to get deep down and explore so much. By presenting a wide variety of music, this genre has become a listener’s delight. It offers a perfect combination of soulful and lively making it one of the most sought-after genres. Listening to this genre of music is a different experience altogether.

When talking about the most famous Trap DJs, DirtyVibezs deserves a mention. He played the top 40 hits giving a twist with his remixes. Hugely compared to the very famous DJ RL Grime, his music is also very mesmerizing and superlative. The DJ has already become all the rage in NYC. He is dominating dance floors across the city.

DirtyVibezs standing

New York City is now known as the king of club scenes. In order to earn a name as a promoter in the city, one needs to have a great personality along with true love for music. With the same intention, Everon Clarke came to the city and created DirtyVibezs.

Today, he is one of the best and most popular club promoters in the city. He is always surrounded by the who’s who of the city including Victoria’s Secret models to leading NY, as well as Miami celebrities.

Everon always had an inclination towards club life and this was his driving force behind establishing DirtyVibezs. DirtyVibezs dominates the club scene from 12 am to 6 am.

DirtyVibezs is a regular at the most popular, fancy, and crowded clubs in New York City. He always visits places like Ph.D. Roof Top at the Dream hotel and clubs that host the leading names of the glamour industry. He also loves visiting the clubs that play host to special guests from across the city. Fans of DirtyVibezs include many leading names including some of the famous hip-hop artists, as well as fashion models.

Even people who do not have an initial inclination towards DirtyVibezs also find themselves enjoying his music.

Trap music is basically a combination of one-third of hip-hop music with the same tempo and overall structure. The tracks are between 70 to 110 bpm. The vocals are pitched down. Along with it, the track contains one-third dance music with some hardstyle sampling. High-pitch synth and many songs traps remixed, and one-third dub.

According to the famous DJ DirtyVibezs, the entire credit for his success goes to his love and affection for music. He visits the leading clubs in the world and promotes his work. Another reason for him to hit the dance clubs is to experience the music in the clubs. He loves how DJs turn the dance floor on.

To give music lovers the time of their life, DJ DirtyVIbezs is making more music. This is party time for dance lovers.

Shruti Gupta
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