The Story of the Intelligent Filing Manager and the Man Who Made It Happen

Before the discovery of filing automation, all business data were manually filled, filed, and managed. Especially in industries like insurance, or banking, where forms made for an integral part of the system.

In the late nineties, a visionary technology professional came forward with a one-stop solution for such operational roadblocks. Krishna C. Mukherjee, a senior technology expert at Wolters Kluwer at the time, introduced the Intelligent Filing Manager or the INTELLIFM.

A powerful, adaptable, rule-driven, electronic filing system, was aimed to ease high-volume forms publishing applications, where large sets of varied forms needed to be the filed simultaneously.

In the United States, insurers who wanted to do business in different states, would have to go through the trouble of managing 700 different forms. INTELLIFM combined logic programming and simple applications like Microsoft Excel, to simplify such processes.

Krishna C. Mukherjee and INTELLIFM.
Krishna C. Mukherjee and INTELLIFM

The software was created using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate large-scale form filing that underwent frequent changes in state regulations. It combined natural language processing, graphical user interfaces, and relational databases with sophisticated forms technology like Portable Document Format (PDF).

The software integrates a dynamic and adaptive Q&A module that interacts with the user, thus introducing a smarter, better, and an efficient way to maintain forms. The technology streamlines and automates complex business processes.

Today, INTELLIFM helps execute multi-jurisdictional filings across the 50 US states and automates high-volume forms publishing. The invention has been recognized at international technology conferences. It received patents in the USA and other countries.

A graduate of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Krishna has worked as a Lead Architect & Design Engineer with Microsoft Corporation, and as the Chief Information Officer at Wolters Kluwer, where he invented the INTELLIFM technology. Thereafter, he spearheaded research and innovation at multi-national financial organizations such as Bloomberg LP, Citadel LLC and UBS AG.

With exceptional knowledge of technology and profound experience, Krishna created strong, adaptable, and scalable architectures for every technology need including client-server and web applications that greatly improve productivity, enhance revenues and reduced cost.

Shruti Gupta
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