Country Singer Michael Shawn Hartman Releases Acclaimed New Single

Country singer Michael Shawn Hartman has released a great new single; “Cruise Night and Cars.”

Speaking about the new single, Bruce Edwin at The Hollywood Sentinel said “Michael Shawn Hartman always delivers consistently great songs that are memorable, and great. ‘Cruise Night and Cars’ makes us want to build a campfire and have a tailgate party. Great work.”

Listen to the new single and more of the highly acclaimed singer and songwriter here below.

Michael Shawn Hartman
Image: Michael Shawn Hartman. Photo Credit: Michael Sargent. Copyright 2017, Mike Hartman Studios, all rights reserved.

About Michael Shawn Hartman

Michael Shawn Hartman was recently named “The Next Johnny Cash.” The country star was heard recently in the media (FOX NEWS), suggesting that America’s self-esteem had been damaged by criticizing America, political party members, and our U.S. President, and hopes to help fix that.

He stunningly learned to play over 500 songs, and as a “masterful songwriter” ( Michael Shawn Hartman has written nearly 100 new songs, with several of his newly released tracks, now on his website found below. In the press he was called “brilliant.”

According to ABC news, Michael Shawn Hartman started his organization FAITH, FREEDOM, COUNTRY; to help advance positive messages in country music, and help stop hatred. The singer now even has Official T-shirts, celebrating just that, found at his website below, for fans.


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