Arts Express: Cliff Curtis Talks The Dark Horse

Towards An Indigenous Cinema: Actor Cliff Curtis Talks The Dark Horse.

Actor Cliff Curtis Talks The Dark Horse. Along with his starring roles in the cautionary global apocalyptic television series Fear The Walking Dead, and his Jesus in Risen. And how playing New Zealand chess legend Genesis Potino in The Dark Horse got the Maori actor back in touch with ‘myself and my culture that was more than really nice – it was vital.’

The Girlfriend Experience: What do Michael Jackson, Nicolas Cage and Elvis have in common?

A conversation with actress Riley Keough.

While referencing Jimi Hendrix; angry women; a comparison of high priced hookers to Hollywood; and losing the usual sweetheart and happy wife as roles in movies.

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Broe On The World Literary Beat

Professor Dennis Broe phones in from Paris, reporting on the Euro-American Conference Of Noir Writers in Lyon, France. A probe of truth telling versus book selling, the function of noir in scrutinizing the dark side of capitalism through storytelling – and if not changing society, at least into ensuring that ‘nothing remain hidden.’ And in the case of Icelandic Noir, the declaration that ‘We kicked out all the bankers, and only the writers are left.’

Theater Corner: The Theater Of Compassion

The Theater Of Compassion tackles state terror home invasion, a computer geek faceoff with Homeland Security, and anti-Muslim racism. Mary Ann Miller in a conversation with the playwright and performer, Elizabeth Ruf Maldonado.

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Also see the review of The Dark Horse by Miv Evans: Dark Horse – a Welsh Conqueror, Documentary Review. “Dark Horse is a fairy tale about a cleaning lady who wanted a racehorse, the kind villagers who helped her buy one, and a horse who didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to be as good as all the other horses.”

cliff curtis in The Dark Horse.

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