Tennessee Measles Outbreak: Secrecy over Vaccination Status

Last week I wrote an email to WMC Action News about their report on two measles cases in TN. I asked them why they didn’t say a word about the vaccination status of the two patients. Now it seems the secrecy about the vaccination status of the patients is becoming more obvious.

Yesterday’s news says the measles cases are actually an outbreak that has affected at least 6 people, as reported on The Commercial Appeal. The cases are in Shelby County of TN and the concerned health department has literally refused to disclose the vaccination status of the patients. As the news site reported it:

Citing privacy laws, the Health Department declined to provide details on the six local cases, such as whether they were vaccinated or had traveled to countries where measles is widespread.

Measles Outbreak Vaccination Status Coverup

Measles Outbreak : Switching Privacy on or off
Measles Outbreak : Switching Privacy on or off

We know that when unvaccinated persons catch measles, or any infection, the media spare no effort in publicizing it, even when it is a single unvaccinated person affected by an infectious disease. So how come the vaccination status becomes an issue of privacy in some outbreaks?

The first and most important question is of course raised over the effectiveness of the measles vaccine. If in an outbreak vaccinated people are getting infected, the vaccine obviously isn’t working. And if most or all of the infected people are vaccinated, then it’s an open exhibit of pseudoscience to boast of vaccines as good at preventing a disease. But still, we see emphasis on getting the measles shots in every mainstream media story.

There is also the issue of justice.

Equal Disclosure Needed

Unvaccinated children are known to have been ordered out of schools over possibility of exposing others to the contagion. So when vaccinated people get an infection, especially children, should they also be banned from attending school until they are no more contagious? Common sense demands it should be so. And for this reason, the vaccination status of these measles patients should be disclosed.

There needs to be a law where the privacy of the vaccinated and unvaccinated is equal. If we see a lack of such equality, it implies foul play in law, health, and information systems.