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There is no denying that World of Tanks is a game that is taking the world by storm. It might be a bit of an older game, but it is still growing in popularity and updates are being released for the game all the time. Gamers from all the world try to hone their skills to gain the edge over the competition. And, there is simply no better way to stay ahead of the competition than to know what the latest changes are. What’s going on in the game and what new changes do players need to be aware of?

Wheeled Vehicles

Well, most World of Tanks players are used to those old traditional tanks that are somewhat slow or sluggish. It seems like the Wold of Tanks 1.4 update is going to completely change that. With this new update, there are now going to be wheeled vehicles available. This was just released on Windows and Mac earlier today and it offers players several new wheeled vehicles. The most exciting thing about these new vehicles is that they really have the potential to speed up the game and battles. Player will meet each other faster and be provided with a whole new range of movements and maneuvers. To get your account and start battling right away, you can visit at

Bringing In Mercenaries

It seems like wargaming wants to keep gamers on their toes and it is safe to say that have done just that with the introduction of mercenaries. This brings a whole new aspect to the game and offers something that really has never been available before. This new mode will be introduced on January 29th and it will be called Core Breach. This new mode is going to add mechanized soldiers to the battlefield. This is not a new concept and it is somewhat similar to games like MechWarrior and Battletech, but it is new in World of Tanks. On January 29th there will be two different mechs introduced into the game. This will be the gigantic US iron Solder and the sleek but deadly USSR Steel Comrade. Each mech will be equipped with an array of lasers, missiles, machine, guns, and an abundance of health.

With these new characters, players will be able to shoot and crush their way through the snow-covered Old River City map, which is an interesting choice. This is so interesting because the map offers a plethora of destructible environments. However, players have to be cautious when mechs are destroyed because once the core is destroyed it can create an explosion as big as a city block. Players will also be able to eject and respawn.

The Winter Games Are Underway

Any World of Tank player probably already knows that the winter games are already underway. This is certainly a crucial time for players because it allows players to earn daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual rewards when they earn points through the in-game Ops. The second part of the Winter Games will kick off February 1st and players can look forward to hefty discounts on a new premium tank, the electrifying Thunderbolt.

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