The Best Gaming Chair in 2019: Comfy Gaming Chairs and Racing Seats

Gaming chairs have come a long way since beanbags were thrown on the floor in front of a TV. Today, gamers expect an ergonomic chair that is both comfortable and improves performance. The following are the top style picks for gaming chairs in 2019:

PC Gaming Chairs

PC gaming seats have a very similar appearance to traditional office chairs. The key difference is that the seats feature upgrades that make playing computer games more comfortable. Typical options for PC gaming chairs include padded armrests, headrests, and lumbar padding. The Secretlab Omega has these features and also has a full reclining back to allow some rest between game matches. PC style game seats can also be designed to have a trendier look than office chairs. For instance, the Xiaomi Autofull is inspired by basketball and constructed from real cowhide and filled with high-density cotton for extra comfort.

Rocker Gamer Seats

Rockers feature no legs and are placed directly on the floor for game play. The best rockers come with tech upgrades to improve gaming experience. Rockers can have features like headphone jacks, wireless speakers, full back support, and audio/video side controls. The best choices for rockers include the Ace Bayou X Rocker II and Proxelle Audio Game Chair. Both of these seats have space-saving designs with upgraded audio controls and speakers.

Pedestal Gaming Seats

Pedestal gaming chairs are similar to rockers, but have the added benefit of a swivel base. These types of seats have the same setup as rockers, including wireless systems and audio jacks, but are perfect for gamers who wish to move side to side or be elevated slightly off the ground. The best pedestal options are the X Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair and Respawn-900 Reclining Game Chair.

Racer Style Chairs

Racing style game seats are designed for fans of racing games. These seats are traditionally designed like a stationery vehicle. The seat will usually include features such as steering wheels, shifters, and pedals. The chair will include an adjustable mechanism to fit individuals of varying heights. A top choice for this style is the Conquer Racing Simulator Chair. Racing chairs can also come without the extra car features and simply have a racecar inspired appearance. An example would be the Respawn 200.

Gaming chairs can fit all budgets and style preferences. A good tip before choosing any type of gamer seat is to confirm compatibility with game systems.

Melissa Thompson
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