Doma Kitchen – A Culinary Awakening and Cultural Experience

In a world of so many diversified restaurants in Los Angeles, there is one restaurant that incorporates art with many different cuisines from around the globe, yet keeping a family atmosphere. Doma Kitchen, meaning “home” in slavic language, is just that place.

Angie Corrente and her husband Stan Mayzlas have a successful career in the corporate world. Angie who moved to L.A. in 1979, seeking a career as a fashion designer graduated from Otis-Parsons. She was employed by Guest and Levis as a denim specialist.

Stan, an excellent chef, is a builder and general contractor. He and wife Angie opened their first restaurant in Redondo Beach for 2 years, then opened their second restaurant in Manhattan Beach, finally settling in Marina Del Rey.

Doma Kitchen is a homey restaurant with recipes that are influenced from Ukraine, Belgium, South Italy, Central Asia, and Lithuania. Their foods are fused with a healthy modern American touch. With that creativity, the Executive Chef, Kvistina Miksyte and her mother Natalia prepare all dishes from scratch, using locally sourced vegetables which are organic.

The contemporary setting has hand-made tables built from surplus wooden frames, with the work of local artists displayed throughout the restaurant in an all-white wall setting. It is no wonder that the design of the restaurant, and the combination of cultures in preparing succulent cuisine, brings a multicultural exchange through food, art and music.

Culinary Journey With Celebrity Guests

My guests on this occasion included Alex Ayzin, the creator of “Winds of Freedom,” a documentary promoting global peace and harmony among nations, Yin Jiang, a concert violinist with Andrea Bocelli, Tom Hallick, the former star of “The Young and Restless,” Angie Corrente, the owner of Doma Kitchen, and Pete Allman, journalist, film producer, who is promoting peace as President Donald Trump.

Borscht soup
Borscht soup

Our journey began with an array of dishes family style. It began with Flafels, prepared with chickpea fritters, (onions,garlic, fresh herbs, with garlic aioli dip), Imported Crunchy Bavarian Garlic Bread sticks, with a yogurt and horseradish dip, Potato “Vareniki” Dumplings, Lithuanian style, prepared with homemade dumplings, filled with potatoes topped with caramelized onions, Shiitake mushrooms in a white wine, with a balsamic reduction, Charred Brussels Sprouts in balsamic glaze and parmesan cheese. There was Schnitzel, a 12 ounce pork chop, breaded in panko crumbs, topped with ( Heriloom tomatoes, Persian cucumber, red pinions, red bell peppers) salad, and Borscht soup, prepared Ukranian style with beets and cabbage, lamb stock, and chunks of lamb and fresh dill garnish warm Bavarian dark bread and a side of sour cream.schnitzel

All the dishes were delightful. Tom Hallick said, “this is the best cuisine, served in a home type atmosphere that would be very expensive in a high end restaurant.” Alex Ayzin loved the Potato Dumplings, and the Schnitzel, and Yin Jiang said the Potato Dumplings and the Crunchy Bavarian Bread were among her favorites.

During the conversations we saluted with Grey Goose vodka, which Alex Ayzin brought to dinner in celebration of his father who just passed. The shots were taken with pickles.


There are many typical desserts that we have all enjoyed from time to time but the homemade deserts at Doma Kitchen are prepared with creativity and lots of love. We all enjoyed the 8 Layer Honey Russian Honey Cake, prepared with sour cream and honey. There is also the Cake In A Jar 9, prepared with house made chocolate cake, seasonal berries, chocolate and raspberry sauce, and whipped cream. Certainly a great way to end the evening of dining.

pumpin pancakes with caramelized apples.
Pumpin pancakes with caramelized apples

Doma kitchen is open Tuesday-Thursday from 11am-9pm, Friday 11am-9pm, Saturday 9am-10pm and Sunday 9am-9pm. They’re located on 4325 Glencoe Ave #8 in Marina Del Rey, California. For reservations and catered events call (310) 3010582.

Celebrity Scene News awards Doma Kitchen 5 stars for creativity, diversity in cuisine, and excellent service.

Front of Doma Kitchen
Front of Doma Kitchen
garlic noodles with giant shrimp
garlic noodles with giant shrimp
doma butternut squash and goat cheese tartine.
Doma butternut squash and goat cheese tartine
doma dinner table.
Doma dinner table
alex ayzin yin jiang tom hallick angie and pete allman.
Alex Ayzin, Yin Jiang, Tom Hallick, Angie, and Pete Allman.
Pete Allman
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