This Could Impact Upcoming Travels To The Maldives

During the past few years, the Maldives have grown into one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. Each and every year, consumers from far and wide travel to the coral islands. These islands, which are situated in the Indian Ocean, have managed to attract attention from far and wide. Despite being unknown to tourists up until the early 1970s, these islands now attract millions of tourists annually. However, consumers need to realize that this portion of the world is going through a major change and it could ultimately impact their upcoming travels. Below, the reader will learn about the latest travel news impacted their upcoming trip to the Maldives.

Terrorist Threats Are Overblown

During the past year, a lot of news outlets have discussed potential terror threats in the Maldives. Just a year ago, Fox News reported that the Maldives was facing a mounting terrorist threat. The truth of the matter is that this couldn’t have been further from the truth. Despite being mainly Muslim in terms of religion, Maldives is very peaceful. In fact, this portion of the world is just as calm and peaceful as the United States or Europe. As long as the tourist keeps their wits about them, he or she will be just fine during their travels.

Debut Of A Hard Rock Hotel

Those interested in Maldives tour packages may want to wait just a little bit longer. Just recently, it was announced that the Hard Rock Hotel would be opening a brand-new hotel in Maldives. The company explained that it would be debuting the Hard Rock Hotel Maldives sometime in October of 2018. In order to launch the hotel, the company is expected to work closely with Singha Estate Public Company Limited, which is a Thailand-based development company. Together, the two firms will provide tourists with an amazing family-friendly experience in Maldives.

China Teams Up With The Maldives

Just recently, it was announced that China has entered into a free trade agreement with Maldives. This could be a great thing for the county of Maldives and its tourists. The agreement will ensure that the county of Maldives is able to gain access to the best products produced in the county of China for a much cheaper fee. In return, this could help tourists to Maldives save a bunch during their travels. Suffice to say, this is just another reason that the consumer should consider taking his or her family to this portion of the world very soon.

Protests Are No Longer A Problem

In 2011, tourists were warned about traveling to Maldives due to the threat of violent protests. Following protests, Mohamed Nasheed was forced to step down and resign from office. Mohammed Waheed Hassan was appointed president when Mohamed Nasheed announced his resigned on February 7, 2012. Nasheed supporters were still causing violent protests and reports of human rights violations were also reported.

Now, that protests are no longer an issue, Maldives has grown in popularity for an exclusive tourist destination. In fact, 28 percent of the country’s income comes from tourism revenue.

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